Sunshine means the pretty dresses and sandals are out! | Little old me featured on the E-Tail PR newsletter | Barbecue! | Morning pooch | Me and Gillian Michaels are definitely going to fall out | Homemade strawberry, nectarine and melon smoothie | Catching some rays in the garden | Healthy eating is going to plan | A butterfly landed on my hand | Festival inspired outfit | Vintage skirt kinda day | Loving the weather in Preston | Poor Toby had to have an operation on his leg | Me and two little horrors | Mini Primark haul | Homemade sweet potato wedges and coleslaw | Pretty new sandals from Topshop | Outtakes from my latest outfit photos when a wasp tried to attack me | Organised shoes = organised mind | Some shoes I’ve decided to sell! Check out my Instagram for more details.

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