Tuesday, August 06, 2013


The shock of having a proper summer in the UK caught a lot of people unawares and even affected retail sales. On a personal level, it has made me realise that the idea of having a more complete summer wardrobe is something that I should look into a little deeper.
Once you graduate you tend to start thinking about clothes in a different way. For instance the line between day wear and night time wear becomes a bit more defined, especially if you have a job that requires you to dress in a slightly more formal way than you might do normally.
My recent spate of dress buying made me think that summery dresses are something that can be a longer term investment as opposed to just buying something to keep cool in until the usual British summer comes back into operation.

Made to last
Obviously if you are making high end purchases you expect workmanship and longevity, whereas in all honesty a lot of high street fashion purchases aren't really made with those kind of things in mind. So if you can actually combine good value with well made items that will also never go out of fashion, then that is something that can change the whole way you dress in the summer.

Staying cool
When you think of summer dresses you might think light and airy materials mean cheap cottons or even manmade fibres. Of course you can go down this route, but if you look around for bargains you can also start to look at silks and other lovely fabrics too; check out these summer dresses from Hobbs, for example.
A quick look online brings up a number of high-street retailers who have a great selection of bargains in reduced price summer dresses. In fact timing your purchases can be an art. If you go off too early and buy when things first hit the shelves then you will be paying a premium for clothes that you might not get much use out of. By holding back and picking the time carefully you can jump in and get a bargain whilst still having the best of the weather to make the most of it.

Heatwave survivors
Just as important as keeping hydrated and not staying in the sun too long, choosing the right additions to your wardrobe can be an essential part of getting through a heatwave without melting. The feel of a well made summer dress on a hot day is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially if you've managed to bag yourself a bargain along the way.

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