I’m a huge fan of the Benefit boxed blushes having tried Coralista, Dandelion and Dallas and have loved them all, so when I saw one of their newest additions to the collection, a pretty coral toned pink called Bella Bamba, it went straight to the top of my wishlist. This colour is right up my street. I’m a huge fan of coral pink blushes, and I’d say this one is like the grown up sister to Coralista. A little deeper in colour, this one gives a gorgeous healthy glow to the cheeks and a stunning pop of colour.

Benefit Bella Bamba Blusher – £23.50 via Debenhams*

Packaging is always gorgeous when it comes to Benefit products, and this one is no exception. The blush comes packed in the trademark Benefit box with a mini mirror and blush brush, and the pretty holographic print on the pack echoes what’s inside. Bella Bamba is described as a ‘ 3D watermelon blush, laced with shimmering gold undertones’. Couldn’t have put it better myself! That’s exactly what you get with this product. The blush has subtle gold shimmers running through which not only leave a lovely sheen but also act as a highlight, sculpting the shape of the cheek and accentuating the cheek bones.

On my fair skin, Bella Bamba gives a lovely pop of pink and the pretty sheen that it promises, though if you are pale like me, be careful how much you load on your brush. The blush is fairly pigmented which I didn’t realise at first, and resulted in me looking a little clown-like, so for fair skinned ladies I’d say a little goes a long, long way! I apply mine with the brush provided as the size and shape of it mean you can be pretty precise with application. I then blend it out with my Real Techniques Blush Brush to soften the product and distribute it properly.

I love this blush so much and think I may have found a contender for my favourite blush, up there in the rankings with my Illamasqua ‘Nymp’ and Nars ‘Orgasm’. I think next time I use this I may use my Benefit Fine One One as a base on the cheeks underneath the Bella Bamba for extra staying power.

Have you tried Benefit’s Bella Bamba? Which of the Benefit Blushes is your favourite?

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