I was recently contacted by F&F, the clothing brand stocked in Tesco stores, and challenged to style a denim focused look from their latest collection to celebrate the launch of the AW13 range. Now denim is something I love, but with this being a challenge I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something I’ve never done before – Double Denim! I’ve seen so many people pull the look off so well, but it’s always been something that scared me a little when it came to wearing it myself, so I picked out a denim jacket and a pair of high waisted jeggings and embraced the double denim trend whole heartedly!

Denim Jacket – F&F*
Jumper – F&F*
Jeggings – F&F*
Faux Fur Collar – H&M
Boots – F&F*

I stuck to a similar shade when it came to the denims, going with a dark wash, which again is something I don’t wear very often! Personally I wouldn’t wear denims that were too different as I prefer the whole illusion of the two pieces being almost like a suit! I broke up the blue with a gorgeous pale grey chunky knit jumper, that I went up a size in so that it was slightly oversized, and picked out some lovely ankle boots with gold detailing. I was inspired by a stunning coat that I saw on the site too, which features a faux fur collar, so I decided to dig my collar out from last winter and add it to complete the look!

I’m really please with how this outfit turned out, and can confirm that I’m now a double denim convert and will definitely be experimenting more with the trend!

What do you think of the double denim trend? Have you checked out F&F’s new collection?


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