I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to technology, especially when it involves photography, so this Holga iPhone 5 Lens & Filter kit was something that caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to try out. I absolutely love my iPhone 5, and love anything that goes with it, whether it be Apps, cases or gadgets, so when this dropped through my door the other day I was desperate to have a play with it and see what kind of effects it could give.

Just to explain a little about the Holga kit, incase you are looking at the photos in despair, scratching your head to work out what it is exactly, basically it is a case that clips onto the back of the iPhone, that has a wheel of lenses attached to it. When the case is securely clipped onto the phone, the lenses line up perfectly with the phone’s camera lens, and the cog can be turned so that you can chose which one you want to use.Then, when you use the camera, you can create different effects on your photos. Hey presto! Pretty cool, right?

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit – £14.77 at Amazon*

The lens kit contains nine filters, and also a empty space which allows you to use the camera without having a lens over it. The lenses range from block colour filters, filters with shape cut outs ( I particularly love the heart shaped one!), kaleidoscopic style lenses that multiply the number of subjects you see, and also a 60mm lens that allows you to take great detailed shots at 60mm away from the subject.

Personally I wouldn’t have this on my phone permanently as the lens wheel adds a lot of extra bulk to the shape of the phone, but it’s so lightweight so I can just throw this in my handbag (it also comes with a protective cover for the lens wheel so no need to worry about scuffs or scratches) and pull it out when I want to jazz up my photos. 

With it being so lightweight and compact, the lenses are made of plastic so aren’t amazing, but are really great if you want to play around with your images and have a bit of fun with them. I’ve been snapping away at home with the lenses the past couple of days to give it a whirl, and have got some great results with it! Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken with the Holga Lens kit:

The first image of the candle is taken using the red filter with the heart shaped cut out, which has given a gorgeous fiery warm tone to the picture’s edges. The second image of the pen pot (or three) was taken using one of the kaleidoscope style lenses which has such a cool effect. This one would be great to use on something really bright such as flowers in summer. The final shot is taken with the 60mm lens as a close up, and even though it was taken in pretty dull lighting, I think this is a pretty darn good photo for an iPhone, so definitely some great results to be had!

Have you tried the Holga Lens kit before? What are your favourite iPhone add ons?


  1. I'm so hopeless at photography that I don't really have any add on stuff, but this looks really good and relatively simple to use as well, which for me would be a bonus.

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