GTAV – Let’s do this! | Loving IOS7 | Wearing a Coco Boo jumper and vintage military coat | Countdown nearly over | Lovely make up that I’ve reviewed over the last couple weeks | Duty free goodies! | Arrived in Portugal to a room with a view | Yummy milkshake | Gorgeous restaurant with a tree growing inside | Cocktail o’clock |  Loving life at the beach | Barbecue on the roof | Back on the cocktail game | Won a complimentary Bailey’s on the plane home! | Picked up this gorgeous handmade leather satchel on holiday | Lovely goodies from Molly & Pearl.

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  1. I wish my week looked like this!! Pretty necklaces!

    I would love you to check out my re invented blog and possibly leave a comment as I've been having posting trouble – would be a huge help if you could comment to let me see if they're working again… Genuinely am having problems, not just being a dick and asking you to comment hahaha! (specsandsparkles.blogspot.co.uk) // jennie.elgie@hotmail.co.uk if there are any problems!! xxx

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