You may have noticed in a couple of my recent outfit posts I have suddenly grown some gorgeous wavy locks….not quite! I was contacted my the ever so lovely (and extremely helpful) folk at Dirty Looks, which is a company specialising in hair extensions amongst other goodies. I believe that it was formerly known as Head Kandy, which is a name you may be more familiar with, but personally I prefer the new name and branding. They asked me if I’d like to review a set of their extensions, and I jumped at the chance. Now some long (long, long, LONG) term followers may remember that I did used to have pretty long hair, which fell just above my chest, but since my hair is very fine and limp, it tended to always look like rats tails at the ends, super split and unhealthy, hence why I went for the chop! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my hair length as it is now. It’s much more manageable, looks tonnes healthier and fuller, and suits my face shape, but there’s always that nagging feeling in the back of my head (no pun intended) that I wish I had never cut it. I don’t think I ever would let it grow back, not yet anyway, as I know it would look pretty rubbish if I did, so hair extensions have always been something I’ve thought about, but never actually pursued. 

I got right to it and selected the HK Full Head Hair Extensions as they give the most amount of hair and a selection of different size wefts to create a natural look. I had to send over a few photos of my hair in natural light so that I could be colour matched to the right shade, and after a few quick emails back and forth, the team decided I would need ’90s Blonde’. I was a little apprehensive about this part as I always feel my hair colour looks different in photos, even when taken in natural lighting, but the shade was absolutely BANG ON!
The extensions arrived in a gorgeous little lilac box with silver metallic branding on (I’m a sucker for packaging!) and inside they were packed in a nifty little resealable pouch, split into two sides. The left side contained the whole set of hair, whilst the right side held one weft to be used as a tester. The idea is that you open this side first and check the colour match and length, before opening the other section. (If you open the left side and break the seal, the extensions are made non refundable). Like I said, my set matched perfectly, and the length was just right for me ( I went for the 16-18″ if anyone is interested) so didn’t need to return them and could delve straight in to the packet!

My set came with ten wefts altogether, although I only really need to wear seven or eight of these at a time due to having a pretty small head! The pack included 2 x one clip wefts, 5 x two clip wefts, 2 x three clip wefts and 1 x four clip weft, my favourite piece out of all of them! The four clip weft is what’s known as a quad, meaning it is made up of four layers of hair, making it super thick. This one sits at the back of the head and helps add lots of volume. The kit also comes with a handy booklet which shows you how to care for, style and wear your extensions, which came in really handy being a first time user! These are real Remy hair extensions, which I’ve been told are some of the best kind you can get, so they can be washed and heat styled if you take good care of them when doing so, which is great for me as I usually wear my hair curly! I curled them in no time with the help of some heat spray for extra protection, and the curls have lasted beautifully. 

Clipping them in is really simple, and is just a case of sectioning off the hair where it shows you in the booklet, and clipping them straight into place. Because my hair is so fine, it does take a few attempts in some areas to get the clips to sit comfortably without coming loose, but I’ve found it helps to backcomb close to the scalp a little to give the clip something to grip to. Other than that though, I find them really comfortable to wear and once you’ve got used to it you forget the clips are there! After a full day in them my head does start to ache a little in places but nothing that causes me any real pain.

HK Full Head Hair Extensions – Dirty Looks*

Overall, I am in love with my Dirty Looks extensions and am completely converted. I didn’t realise they could look so natural and blend in so well with fairly short hair, so I am really, really impressed. I’m actually tempted to treat myself to a second set some time in the near future and take them to the hairdressers to get them cut to a similar length to my natural hair so that I can use them purely for volume and thickness.

Have you tried Dirty Looks Extensions?


  1. They look amazing Claire. I've been wearing extensions on and off for years and I always find it hard to bleand them because my hair is a million colours and thick, yours look perfect x

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