October has crept up incredibly fast for me, hence why this post is a little late in the month. September was jam packed full of exciting things for me, such as my birthday and the most perfect holiday with Dan, and before I knew it I was back in the UK, temperatures have dropped and I’ve found myself in the middle of October wearing my Winter coat! Anyhow, the cold weather has arrived and I’m (kind of) ready to embrace it. Bring on the layering, the cosy boots, toasty knitwear and chapstick! For now though I’ll show you the products I have been loving throughout September and the last glimpse of Summer.

Ghd Style Straight + Smooth Spray –  This is a product I have had for quite a long time now, and was actually gifted it by ghd in a set I reviewed here. I’ve recently started using this again when heat styling my hair to help protect it from frying when I curl it. I’ve also used it on some gorgeous hair extensions I got to help keep them looking healthy and in good condition from the wear and tear of heat styling.

Soap & Glory The Firminator – I picked this up from boots after hearing a couple of people rave about it on the Blogosphere in the hope to help tone up my thighs prior to holiday. I used this day and night for a good few weeks, alongside eating a balanced diet and working out regularly at the gym. I saw a pretty big difference in my legs doing this, particularly the skin around my thighs which has become more taut. It’s hard to say whether the product actually had anything to do with this, but I enjoyed using it and it has a really nice minty scent, and cooling, tingling feeling when applied.

Daisy Hot Pink EDP by Marc Jacobs – This is technically cheating as I only bought this at the airport at the end of September, but I just had to include it. Daisy is one of my all time favourite scents and the one I have repurchased the most, and when I saw this gleaming at me from the shelves of terminal 2 Duty Free I knew I had to have it! It’s a slightly deeper scent than the original and feels a bit more grown up, plus the sleek black bottle with hot pink daisies looks gorgeous on the dressing table. Swoon! (I’ve struggled to find this in stock anywhere online to link to and have seen a few sites saying it’s rare, so if you see this one I’d recommend snapping it up pronto!)

Korres Shower Gel & Conditioner miniatures – I LOVE Korres products so much, particularly their shower gels, and when Dan and I spotted these in our local Waitrose we picked up a few to take away on holiday. I got the Citrus Shower Gel , Achillea Conditioner and also a shampoo which got used up. I brought these two back with me as I figured they’d be perfect to pop in my gym back! 

Sleek Oh So Special iDivine Palette – I used to be a big lover of the Sleek iDivine palettes back when they first came out and there was only one or two to choose from, but slowly over time became more loyal to my MAC shadows and pushed these to the side a little. I spotted this one online and loved the pretty pinks and bronze shades (perfect to go with my blue eyes) so snapped it up. I wore these shadows every single night on holiday, creating various different looks that were pretty yet subtle. I love how the sets come with a range of mattes, shimmers and metallics, making it really easy to create lots of different finishes. 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy – I reviewed these a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve been wearing the paler of the two, Curvy Candy, pretty much every day for work. It adds a nice sweep of colour that isn’t too bright, and moisturises my lips really nicely. It’s perfect to pop in my handbag on the go as you don’t need a mirror to apply it with it being so easy to use!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – It’s no secret that I love Real Techniques brushes, having featured them in posts on numerous occasions. One I had seen but hadn’t tried was this Expert Face Brush, so when I saw that Boots had an offer on them a couple of months back I thought I would give it a whirl! Ever since I have been using this to apply my BB cream every day. It is great for buffing the product onto the skin, and leaves a really smooth, flawless finish. I love that its a little smaller than your usual dome shaped foundation brushes, meaning I can get into all the little nooks of my face easily. Would highly recommend this one!

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush – This is another product I reviewed a few weeks back, and I am loving using it! I’ve always liked Benefit’s powder blushes, and as I said in my review, this one reminds me of Coralista, but a slightly more mature version with less shimmer. I’ve been applying this over Benefit Fine One One for a subtle pink flush to the cheeks.

So those are my favourites. What are yours?

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