So as most of you know, I’ve been watching what I eat lately, particularly in the run up to my holiday a couple weeks back, so when I was asked to review the new Special K Porridges, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always liked porridge at breakfast time since I was little, being a big fan of Ready Brek in the Winter with a good dollop of honey, so I was really looking forward to trying these out, particularly the Red Berries flavour as that’s something I’ve never tried in porridge before.

Special K Multi-Grain Porridges in Red Berries, Simply Original and Almond & Honey – Kelloggs*

These are super simple to make and take a matter of minutes to prepare (no more standing over the stove waiting for milk to heat up!) and come handily packed in portions in nifty little packets. All you need to do to prepare the porridge is tear off the top of the packet, pour your porridge into a bowl, then fill the little packet up to the fill line with milk. Pour your measured out milk into the bowl, give it  all a little stir, then pop it in the microwave for two and a half minutes. The instructions state to leave it to stand for a little while to thicken once cooked, but I like my porridge to be a little on the runny side, so for me, it’s at the perfect consistency when the microwave dings! 

I’ve been eating these quite often now and have tried all three flavours. I think my favourite it the red berries one, as it has a lovely fresh, fruity taste and big chunks of berries in it. The almond and honey one is quite an unusual texture as it has chopped nuts in it rather than just a flavouring, but it is really yummy! I also really like the original flavour, topped with a spoon of Algarve Honey that I picked up in Portugal to add another flavour.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with these. Special K itself is something I’ve never really been overly keen on (I’d prefer a big bowl of something sugary and chocolate coated) but since I’ve been watching my diet and my weight a little more I’ve been looking for healthier options that still have a lot of flavour. These multi-grain porridge versions of some of the Special K flavours really piques my interest though. I wasn’t actually expecting these porridges to be as nice as they are, and I wasn’t at all expecting to like all three flavours. I know porridge is something that people either love or hate, and I know a lot of people who can’t stand it, but if you are a fan and you’re after an alternative with less fat without compromising flavour, I would definitely recommend these. I’ll also add that not once have I added sugar to these porridges (Ready Brek would usually have a good teaspoon full for me) as they honestly don’t need it! The berries and the honey add just the right amount of sweetness to curb those cravings. 

Have you tried the Special K Porridges? Is this something you would eat at breakfast?

*These porridges were sent to me for review purposes by Kelloggs, but can be purchased from all major supermarkets now. The boxes of sachets that I received are priced at £1.99, or individual serving pots can be bought for 99p each.



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