I know you shouldn’t open any presents before Christmas, but when a mysterious package came through my door today, all rules were blown out of the window! A couple of weeks back I was asked to take part in the Matalan Secret Santa with a bunch of other bloggers, and we were each given the name of a blogger and a budget of £30 to pick out a gift for them, courtesy of Matalan. How lovely and festive! Anyhow, mine arrived today and if I’m completely honest I opened this entirely by accident as it took me a second or two to figure out what on earth it was/who it was from (all very cryptic!) and by the time I had realised I had already ripped everything open in excitement! 

My gifts were so very me, so hats off to whoever chose them as you got me down to an absolute T! I got an adorable set of heart shaped bookends that double up as photo frames, and will be the perfect addition to our collection for a new house. I also got a set of scented candles with the most beautiful fragrances, and you all know how much I love candles! A massive thank you to whoever picked these out – I love them so much! And of course thanks to Matalan for arranging this lovely festive project for us bloggers and providing the gifts.

In other news, it’s only six sleeps until Christmas! Hands up who has done all their Christmas shopping?! I’m almost done with just a couple of last minute bits to pick up, and with a day off tomorrow I think I’ll be braving the shops first thing in the morning to miss the rush! How happy am I that I no longer work in retail!! (I fell your pain people…I did that almost seven years!). If you’re still not finished, don’t forget that plenty of places are offering last minute delivery and lots of voucher codes to get your pressies fast and cheap! Good luck if you’re braving the shops like me though! I think we’re going to need it…

Hope you’re all having a lovely week!


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