To kick off this year’s outfit posts I thought I’d pull out the big guns and show you all my new favourite coat! As you probably already know from my ramblings on here, I’ve been lusting after a pink coat for a while now and when I spotted this one over at Missguided at a bargain price I had to have it! Not only that but they had an amazing 20% off and free Next Day shipping meaning I got it just in time for Christmas, so it was a no brainer (Merry Christmas to me!). Anyhow, I wore it today with a really simple outfit consisting of a very fluffy H&M jumper, skinny jeans, boots and fedora, and headed out to take some snaps, albeit it in the pouring rain!

Pink Coat – Missguided

Jumper – H&M

Jeans – Joni via Topshop

Boots – Primark

Hat – H&M

Bag – Nica*

Rings – Pandora, Primark

The fabric wasn’t actually what I expected when I got this, as I was thinking it would be more of a wool/textured finish, but instead it’s a really short fur. When I first saw it I wasn’t too sure whether I like it or not because of the fabric, but once I started trying it on with a few things I decided I loved it!

I don’t think this coat is in stock any more as I can’t seem to track it down on the website, but I’m pretty sure you will be able to find alternatives elsewhere as I’ve seen pink coats all over the place the past month or two! 

Have any of you joined in with the pink coat trend? How do you style yours?


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