January has been a good month with some new favourites for me. I’ve tried out a number of new products that I’ve grown to love over the past four or five weeks that have bagged themselves a very sought after spot in my regular routine. For someone who finds a product they like and sticks to it, introducing something new into my skincare or makeup routine can be a particularly scary task, especially when my skin is so prone to break outs! However I’ve found some new loves that have freshened up my routine and also fallen hard for some brands I hadn’t tried until now…

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – I don’t know why I haven’t used this sooner for cleaning my make up brushes, but if you don’t use it I urge you to get yourself a bottle! Before baby shampoo I used anti bacterial hand soap which was fine, but this seems to get them so much cleaner as it lathers up really well and a little goes a long, long way. Super cheap and super mild, this is the perfect shampoo to keep your brushes soft and clean!

Lola Flawless Fixing Powder* – This was actually gifted to me before Christmas and I have to admit, I forgot I had it until a few weeks ago! When my pressed powder was deemed empty, I dug this baby out and have used it every day since. It’s a lovely light powder that doesn’t cake the skin and keeps make up in place all day long. I’ve found that not it has really helped to eliminate the dreaded shine on the old forehead which is a big tick for me! 

Jo Malone Cologne in Pomegranate Noir – I don’t really need to say much about this fragrance other than I love it so much! I actually posted a review on this a few days ago, so rather than bore you senseless by droning on about it again, you can check the review out if you’re interested in all the details!  

Vichy Dermablend Foundation – I did a post a while back on my first impressions of this foundation when I was trialling some samples I’d received, and pretty much fell for it straight away. Never have I found a foundation that hides pretty much every blemish I have, stays on all day long and doesn’t break me out. This one is a wonder product for me and I can’t honestly see myself going back to anything else after using this for a month and loving it!

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes – Being an avid fan of Real Techniques, it was a given that these cropped up on my Christmas list last December. I’ve used them pretty much every day since Christmas Day and don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon. They’re more suited to light applications of powder rather than a liquid product (trust me, I tried – bad idea), so I use the large one (not pictured) for fixing powder, the medium one for blush and contour and the small one for blending eyeshadows.

Vichy Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution – Another item that I did a first impressions post on and loved from the start. This is the same kind of thing to the popular Bioderm and L’Oreal Micellar Solutions and is a dream to remove eye make with!

Burberry Nail Polish in Nude Beige* – I haven’t really been wearing nail polishes all that much lately as I’ve been getting my Shellac done quite regularly and regular polish just doesn’t seem to cut it when you’ve had gel on for so long! However I was sent this as part of my #AlproAM challenge so decided to give it a go and I’m seriously hooked. This lasted a good three days on me before any sign of chipping occurred, which is amazing in my books! 

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser* – I’ve got a review on this coming up later this week so I won’t say too much about this other than I think I have found my all time favourite moisturiser! Fresh, fruity and lightweight, this lives up to the name and really perks my skin up on these gloomy cold morning! 

So those are my favourites for January. What have you been loving over the past month?


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