I’ve gone a little crazy with the new clothes in the past couple of days with it being pay weekend, so expect to see a lot of new items popping up in outfit posts soon! I’m one of those shoppers who regrets spending money afterwards but everything is too pretty to send back! One of the things I treated myself to was this gorgeous embroidered sweatshirt from Missguided. It’s so warm and cosy, yet the bright embroidered flowers give it a summery pop of colour making it perfect for all year round! It’s the kind of thing I’d wear in the warmer months with some denim cut offs or a little skater skirt, but for now it’s perfect with a good old pair of skinnies!  Oh, and check out the hair! I went to my local Body Shop and the lovely Rachelle tested out their new hair chalks on me. To say I am obsessed with them is a bit of an understatement! The candy floss pink hair I’ve always dreamt about is now mine whenever I want it! Review on those coming soon!

Sweatshirt – Missguided
Jeans – Tophop
Faux Fur Coat – Vintage Fair
Boots – New Look
Hair Chalk – Body Shop
Rings – H&M, Topshop

I also got the fur coat at Lou Lou’s vintage fair in Preston yesterday, which again, I shouldn’t have bought, but I couldn’t resist. A faux fur coat is something I’ve always wanted, but never actually sought out. The fair was absolutely full to the brim with them, and lots of sellers had so many gorgeous ones but they were either all too big, or made from real fur, which is personally something that I wouldn’t wear. I know I wear leather boots and jackets, but there’s something about wearing real fur that I don’t think is right. Each to their own though! Any how, I spied this one and loved the colour, the fit and the shape. I managed to get the seller to knock a little off for me as I didn’t have a lot of money with me, which made me feel a teeny bit less guilty about buying it. Needless to say I’ve hardly had it off my back today, even indoors!

Do you always regret buying new things like me? What do you think of today’s outfit and the pink hair!?


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