This is a pretty exciting post that I’ve been dying to write for what feels like forever! I promised a review of The Body Shop’s new hair chalk, so here you have it! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I popped in to my local Body Shop a couple of weeks back and met with the lovely Rachelle to test out their hair chalk. I’ve been lusting after candyfloss pink locks for some time now, but have always been a little scared to do it permanently incase it didn’t look right on me, so hair chalks have been something I’ve been eyeing up since they blew up a few months back. I spotted a picture on Rachelle’s Instagram showing the colours they had in (Falling For Blue and Tickle Me Pink), and bit the bullet to go try them. One word: amazing!!

The Body Shop Hair Chalk in Tickle Me Pink – £5 each

I was a little bit scared when I saw how bright the pink was in the packaging as it is more of a hot pink when you see it in solid form, but Rachelle showed me how to apply it in a way that meant it was a lovely soft pink, blending it in a pretty ombre effect. All you do, is take the lid off the little pot, and holding it in one hand and a cotton pad in the other, trap sections of your hair between the two and drag the chalk down to the tips. I started about two thirds of the way down my hair and put more pressure on as I got further down so that it was more intense at the tips. Another trick Rachelle taught me, was to take some of the chalk on a cotton pad and simply rub this on the hair to get a softer effect, so I did this to make the ‘join’ a bit less obvious and more ombred. To finish off I gently blended the chalk up slightly with a clean make up brush and sprayed some hair spray to set everything. 

The image above was actually taken about twenty four afters after the first application (picture here), then I added some more to it to take the ombre effect a little further up the hair before taking the pictures, but if you’re wondering how long it lasts, then the answer is quite a long time! I can only vouch for the staying power on my blonde hair. Obviously everyone’s hair is different so it might not work the same on yours, but Rachelle’s picture shows that it works on dark hair too! When I woke up the morning after it had faded quite a bit, but it was a really lovely pastel shade and was still very noticeable.

When it comes to washing it out, if you have light hair like me then be prepared to do some scrubbing! It came out pretty easily but took about three shampoos to get rid of every last bit. I’d also advise a conditioning mask or even leave your conditioner on your hair for a bit longer than usual afterwards as it did leave my ends feeling a little dry. (However I am due a trim and have quite damaged hair so that probably didn’t help!).

All in all I’m really loving this, and for my first foray in to hair chalks I’m super impressed with The Body Shop’s release. It’s really easy to use, has amazing colour pay off on my hair and gives me the quick fix pink hair I’ve always dreamed of without the commitment of a permanent dye. I just wish they had a wider range of colours! Lilac would be incredible. Take note, Body Shop!

Have you tried these hair chalks? What do you think of my ombre pink tips?!


  1. You have mermaid hair! Seriously way too cool!

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