You may have seen on Instagram that I had a sneaky trip to Primark today and picked up a few nice things to update my wardrobe a little! To be honest it was a pretty last minute decision to go shopping and I didn’t really think I would find anything, but I was pleasantly surprised! For me, Primark has been very hit and miss the past few seasons, which is why I haven’t ventured in for a while. My local store doesn’t really stock the best pieces and is practically full of basic tees and vests, but I had a good rummage and found some beauties!

Vintage wash denim dress – £12 reduced to £5
Light wash denim dress – £12
Volleyball tee – £8
Stripe tee – £5
Floral midi skirt – £10

The denim dresses were my favourite finds of the day. I spotted the light wash one in the denim section and put it straight in my basket. I went for a size up as I wanted it to be a little on the oversized side, and when I tried it on I fell in love! Then on my way to the tills I spied the same dress in the vintage wash, reduced to £5! I did contemplate putting the full price version back, but I loved the colour and it looked so nice on that I thought, sod it, I’ll get both!

Next I spotted the Volleyball tee in all it’s glory. I’m a big fan of the whole American sports trend, but have never really found anything that I could see myself wearing from it until I saw this. It’s nice and simple and looked so good with my skinnies that I tried it on with. I think this will be a good one for summer teamed with cut off denim shorts. They did it in loads of other colours and designs, but the black one stood out to me as the most wearable. I also picked up the black and white striped tee (you can never have too many striped tees!) as not only was it a bargain at a fiver, but it also looked super cute underneath the denim dresses. Perfect Spring outfit, sorted!

Finally I got the most beautiful floral midi skirt. I actually spotted it on a poster in the window before I walked in, but couldn’t find it in store at first. You’d think with it being on a window graphic it would be easy to find, but no! I eventually spied it at the bottom of a rack right at the back of the store, hidden by some other items. Seriously, if I’d blinked I would have missed it! So glad I found it though as it fits perfectly and looked so nice with my black chunky boots. It came with a tan belt but I don’t think I’ll be using it as I’m not really in to tan belts at the minute. I really don’t think tan goes with the print either, so I’ll be swapping it for a skinny black number!

So that was my little Primark haul. All that for just £40! Have you been shopping in Primark recently? Link me to your latest hauls!


  1. You picked up some lovely bits! 🙂
    I saw the £5 denim dress in my local store but I wish I'd tried it on now!
    Need to keep a look out for the volleyball top now!

  2. That floral midi skirt is just stunning, Primark have really been pulling out the stops lately and I've found some awesome things! x

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