A little while ago I was asked to review an intriguing gadget called Projecteo, which is a teeny Instagram slide projector. Being the Instagram addict that I am, I was super curious to find out more, so quickly headed over to the Projecteo site to place my order. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about so far, let me explain…. Projecteo is basically a miniature slide projector that uses a bulb and a magnifying lens to project your instagram pictures on to any surface. You simply head to the site, choose which nine images you’d like to be on your wheel of slides, and hey presto! 

I picked out nine images of Dan and I, as I wanted to give it to him as part of his Valentine’s gift as a nice momentum of the past seven years together. It sadly didn’t arrive in time as it was shipped from America and I had to pay a customs charge, but when it did arrive I was actually pleasantly surprised. When it comes to things like this I’m always a little wary of how good they actually are, as I’ve had things in the past which are very gimmicky and don’t really live up to expectations, however we’ve both been really impressed by this! After a quick set up (put the battery in and pop in the slide wheel) we were good to go, and quickly turned out the lights to give it a whirl.

Projecteo Instagram Projector*

As you can see the pictures turned out really well and show up nicely on a plain wall with the lights out. I would say that if you’re thinking of getting one, go for pictures that are fairly light as these show up a lot better! Other than that though I’m loving this and I’m even thinking of getting a few more slide wheels made to add to it (you can order the wheels separately too!). They make great gifts and would be an amazing thank you present for wedding or party guests, filled with pictures from the special day!

Will you be getting a Projecteo projector? What would you use yours for?


  1. I've been wanting one of these for a while! Its such a cute idea! I'm glad to see it works as well as I hoped! 🙂 Aimée Xx

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