As most of you have probably seen by now, Topshop have launched a pretty awesome collaboration with Adidas Originals. I saw a press release about this a while back and immediately was hooked after seeing the first few pictures. I’m a big fan of Adidas Originals and an even bigger fan of Topshop, so when the launch date came you can understand how gutted I was at the fact I had no money! With a week to go until payday and all the items I wanted showing as out of stock on the Topshop website, my chances of getting my hands on a piece looked slim, but hurrah! They eventually came back in stock a few days later, and to cut a long story short… I got my t shirt!

Tee – Topshop
Jeans – Asos
Shoes – Primark
Rings – Pandora, Primark, Portugal

I absolutely love the one I went for. There’s some other really cool designs but I thought this was the most wearable and can see it fitting in with so many things in my wardrobe. I wore it today with my ripped Asos jeans and some little heels to dress it up a little and I really like the overall look.

You may also have noticed there’s been a bit of a change to the old hair, too! I decided to bite the bullet and get a fringe cut in after toying with the idea of doing something a bit different to it. It doesn’t look the best on these photos as it was pretty windy today, but I really like it. It will take some getting used to but I’m sure I’ll warm to it properly soon! I had a fringe a few years back and loved in then, and I’ve always looked back on pictures and thought about getting it done again, so I’m glad I finally did!

Have you managed to get your hands on anything from the Topshop x Adidas collection?

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  1. So freaking cool Claire! The pairing of the ripped jeans and chic heels is just perfect, oh and your new hair looks amazing girl! x


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