So here’s a wish list with a difference for you guys (and one I would probably have to do a free credit score check for if I was to consider buying any of the below any time soon…. hello overdraft!), but I’ve been lusting after a lot of high end fashion items lately and thought I’d share some of those with you! I don’t know whether it’s the fact that my stele is starting to change a little as I grow older, or whether I’m just drawn to all the things I can’t afford, but expensive bags and shoes seem to set my pulse racing at the moment! I’ve been lusting after the likes of Mulberry bags and Louboutin heels since my uni days, but there’s been a few new additions to my wish list recently, including Celine bags (oooh!), Daniel Wellington watches (ahh!) and Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics (swoon!). Net-A-Porter is fast becoming a favourite on my most visited websites list alongside my trusty Topshop, ASOS and Monki, but fear not my lovelies! I always have and always will be a bargain hunting queen, but hey, one can daydream, right? 

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Now as I said, I’m in no financial position to get any of these (although I do dream of a day when I will, in some way, be rich. Don’t we all?), especially since we’ve just signed for a 6 month contract on our beautiful new flat, with utility bills and council tax now a priority. I’m one of those people who get’s super stressed and paranoid about money and not being able to afford things, so I’m always doing my monthly free credit score check (visit site) to make sure everything’s in ship shape and there’s no nasty surprises! I’m starting to get a lot better at budgeting and saving though, so maybe one of the above beauties could eventually be mine if I stick to it!

As you can see I’m drawn to a lot of nudes and blush shades, which is odd for me as I tend to steer clear of these due to my pale skin, but I think they are so classic and wearable, and never seem to date. I’m not the biggest fan of the typical black designer bags though as I find them too harsh, so I find nude is a happy medium and goes with pretty much anything! I’m also really liking  subtle pops of colour, hence the lemon yellow Louboutin heels and the fuchsia pink Mulberry purse, both perfect for adding a splash of excitement to a plain and simple outfit. Plus, can we all take a moment to appreciate the Kenzo sweatshirt? The ultimate blogger cliche, I know, but how gorgeous is the grey version? We’ve all seen the bold coloured ones, but this is so much more versatile and easier to style. I can imagine this working perfectly over a crisp white shirt with a pair of indigo skinny jeans and those lemon heels. I need to stop torturing myself or this could be dangerous!!

Are any of these items on your lust list? Which designer pieces have you been drooling over lately? Don’t forget to get your free credit score if you’re planning to splurge on something fancy! Let me know if you’ve got your hands on any of these goodies recently. I won’t be jealous, promise!

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