So I’m a little later with this post than planned, but as usual life had gotten in the way and I didn’t get much time to pick up and play over the past couple of weeks (boo!). However I’ve now got back up to speed with the little people on my island and I’m here with the second and final post on the whole shebang! If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, I was very kindly asked to review the new Nintendo 3DS game, Tomodachi Life. Most of you will know I’m a bit of a game geek, especially when it comes to Nintendo, so this is right up my street. If you want the lowdown of what the game’s about, head over and read my first post then come back here for more. If you’ve seen that one already, then let’s get to it!

So my last post was more of an overview or introduction to the game, as I was very new to it and wanted to give my first impressions pretty earlier on in playing it. Since then a lot has happened on my island; more places have opened up including a news studio which reports daily news on the island, a ranking board where Miis are ranked in order of happiness, or my personal favourite, ‘Hunkiest Male’! As I said in my last post, this game is pretty darn crazy, so if any of this sounds a bit mad, well, that’s because it is!  Since then I’ve managed to create a lot more characters, which has made the game so much more interesting and is one of my favourite aspects of it, so I thought I’d show you that a little more in depth.

To create a new character, you simply go to the island’s Town Hall and click ‘New Mii’ to get started. From here you’re asked whether you want to take a photo with the 3DS built in camera (the game then uses the photo to create a likeness), or create from scratch. Since my characters have all been completely made up, I’ve been creating mine from scratch the majority of the time as you have complete free reign over everything that way. When you’re making a new Mii you’re faced with a whole load of options covering everything from face shape, make up and facial features to height, size and favourite colour. Once you’re happy with the looks, you then get to choose a name, nickname, date of birth and personality. You even pick a voice for the character! Another thing I really like is how you can dress them up. I’m particularly loving my characters current ensemble – a pretty white blouse and blue maxi combo, finished off with a wide brim hat. Very me! 

I’m really enjoying playing the game and looking after my little Miis, making sure their fed and watered, happy and loving life, and if I was to show you every part of the game I would literally be writing a post a day. There’s so much to do and I’m still discovering new things after playing for a food few weeks, which is great if you’re someone who loses interest in a game. This one always springs a new surprise and keeps you guessing. I would say that you definitely need to make a look of characters for the game to get interesting. The more you have, the more opportunities open up and more relationships are formed between them. I’ve even had one of my other female characters declare their love for Dan. Not cool! That’s the thing I really like about it though. Always throwing a good curveball!

If you’re interesting in giving the game a whirl and want to find out more, I’d recommend having a nosey at the Nintendo website as there’s loads of information on there to get your teeth in to. Also have a watch of the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean when I say it’s a bit wacky! Judging from the video there’s still so much more that I’ve yet to discover, so it looks like I could be playing this one for a while!

Let me know if you’ve got Tomodachi Life or you’re thinking of purchasing it. I’d love to know what you think of it and what crazy things have happened on your island!

*Disclaimer: I have been gifted Tomodochi Life by Nintendo to play and review, and as alway, all opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been compensated to write this post.

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