A couple of weekends back, Dan and I ventured on over to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, for one thing and one thing only. Five Guys. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. Five Guys is a burger chain that’s made it’s way over to the UK from across the pond, and has only so far been introduced to the likes of London and Birmingham… until now! Lucky for us Northerners, Five Guys has graced the Trafford Centre with it’s double pattys and crispy fries. Now, I’d never tried anything from here before the visit (only drooled over that Daym Drops Youtube video, remix and all. Comment if you know the one!), so this rundown is entirely based on first impressions.

One thing I did know from reading countless reviews, was that the bacon is super crispy and not to be missed, so naturally, I went for a Bacon Cheeseburger. The next decision to make was which toppings to go for. Now I love a burger with lots going on, so I went ‘All The Way’ which basically meant my burger was smothered in a tasty mix of mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard. Sound messy? It was, but oh so worth it! Wrapped in it’s little silver tin foil packaging and and nestled within a brown paper bag, this has to be, hands down the best burger I’ve tasted! Don’t get me wrong, it was probably to most difficult to eat with mushrooms and sauce flying all over the show, but that bacon, that cheese, those burgers! Heaven! 

We went for the standard Five Guys fries which are cooked in peanut oil and are so crispy! If I’m being completely honest, I was bowled over by the taste of these as it’s a little different to your usual fries, no doubt because of the oil, but I can see why people rave about them because the texture is really good. FYI, a regular portion is enough to serve 2-3 people. Good job they told us when we were ordering as we were about to get one each! 

Another thing worth mentioning is the drinks machines. As you can see, they’re touch screen operated and there’s over 100 drinks flavours to choose from, with everything from the classics like lemonade and cola to other favourites such as Dr Pepper, Fanta and Powerade. Touch the drink you want on screen and you’re taken to another page of flavours! I went for Sprite, and had 7 varieties to choose from! Refills are free, so I started off with Raspberry Sprite then went back in for Peach flavour – both were so good! 

Needless to say, we will definitely be making a trip back some time soon when a (very naughty) treat is needed as we loved it so much. I know that not every one is a huge fan of the place, but we really enjoyed it and can see why it’s so popular! One thing I would say is it can be a little pricey when you start to build your meal, but for a one-off treat it’s totally worth it.

Have you eaten at Five Guys? What would you recommend us to try off the menu next time?


  1. I hear so many good things about this place but looking at the menu the only veggie option I can spot is a cheese sammich! That's awful! Burger places should really offer quorn burgers cos then veggies can go out for group meals to these places, otherwise we just can't go and miss out on meals out with mates 🙁 i know it's a choice but it's more of a belief, like a religion tbh. Sort it out Five Guys! 🙁 drinks machine looks maaaad! Also they look like sweet potato fries?? please say they are!? If not I'm deffo not going :/ looks like any ole burger place to me! xo

    amber love

    1. I did not think about that! Looks like there's a couple of veggie sandwich options but no burgers! And the chips are regular potato but they're really nice – very different to your usual run of the mill fries. They deffo need to cater towards the veggie market, I agree! Xx

  2. Me & my boyfriend have ventured over to The Trafford Centre twice now just for Five Guys. It's SO good! The burgers are incredible but even just the fries and the drinks are worth the 30 minute drive. Peach Fanta and Strawberry Sprite are my favourites so far! Oh man, you've got me craving a Five Guys now haha! xx

    Little Babble

  3. Ahhh I need to visit here, I went to Five Guys in Florida and had no idea how to order so my burger was very plain but if i went again I would definitely go all the way, can't beat a messy burger! Those coke machines are amazing too, they have them in Universal parks where you pay $11 to get free refills all day, so good!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

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