Two blog posts in one day? You lucky things! In reality it’s because I have a back log of posts to get live and having some time of work means I can actually get them all done! Here’s another outfit I wore in York when we went out to eat at Brigantes (see the review in my previous post here) and one you may have already seen on my Instagram account. The dress is something I picked up whilst I was there in the Zara sale and I absolutely love it. It’s got a gorgeous peppermint green tropical print which is really unusual. I bought it in a size small when we arrived on Sunday afternoon, but the queue was a mile long and I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of trying something on in a busy shop when it was super hot, so took it back to the hotel to try on. It fit me but was a little on the tight side, and if you have this you’ll know it’s a bit restricting, especially around the arms, so back in the bag it went for an exchange the next day. Lucky for me there was just one dress left in a medium – hallelujah! I didn’t make the mistake of buying before trying this time, and hot footed it to the fitting rooms (oh how I love shopping first thing in the morning, No queues!). This one fit like a dream, so if you’re lucky enough to find one of these on the sale rails I’d definitely recommend sizing up!

Dress – Zara
Sandals – Clarks
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Necklace – H&M

I wore the dress with my usual combo of Clarks sandals and Urban Outfitters bag – something I seem to always wear in outfit posts at the moment! It was a lovely warm evening so we ventured along the walls before heading for food. They were super quiet for a change, so we saw our chance for photos and took it. Although it was pretty warm, it was really windy up on the walls so please excuse the unruly hair. Obviously forgot the hairspray that night!

Have you snapped up anything from the Zara sale?


  1. I've been so well behaved not buying anything from Zara when i'm itching to get sooo much stuff. Saw this dress and really wanted it but I'm being good :o(. You look beaut in it though :o) x

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