Well technically Toby isn’t a puppy any more, but because he’s so small he will always seem like one to me! I thought it would be nice to include him in post seeing as you all liked his last appearance (here) so here he is! I must say, he wasn’t as willing to pose as he was last time, so we only managed to gather together a handful of photos where his cute little face was actually in focus, but I think these capture just how handsome he is (and he knows it, believe me).

If you don’t know who Toby is, he is our beautiful West Highland Terrier, and he’ll be five years old this October. He’s a bundle of energy and can be a bit of a handful at times, but I think I can speak for myself, Dan and my parents when I say we wouldn’t have him any other way. He’s got a lovely temperament and pretty much adores anyone he meets. It’s true when people say you will never be greeted in the same way a dog will greet you. He showers you with love and affection as soon as you walk through the door!  

Smock Dress – ASOS
Sandals – Clarks
Bag – Urban Outfitters
(Toby wears: Lead and Collar – Pets At Home)

It’s not all been fun and games with Toby though. Let’s just say the dog insurance has been a godsend! Last year he had to have an operation on his leg as his tendon was inflamed and catching on his knee cap causing him to limp and be in a lot of pain – poor little thing! He’s (touch wood) all better now and aside from the occasional ear infection, something notorious in his breed, he’s healthy and happy.

Have you got a dog? I’d love to see pictures of your furry friends!


  1. nothing quite puts a smile on your face like canine appearances in blog posts, toby's a cutie! i've tried a couple of times to take photos with my poodle, but due to her being a tiny bundle of excitement and black, it's always something of a struggle to take decent ones – she also rocks a little tartan collar, too!

    robyn x

  2. Awwweeee he's so cute! I love dogs and bloggers posting pics of their dogs makes my day! My am decided last summer she had to have a boxer dog, so we got a lil puppy, called him Harley, I fell deeply in love, and then mam decided she couldn't cope with a puppy. So he went back to the breeders. Awfully traumatic for me and I still talk about him nearly every day. Which everyone makes fun of me for! Especially that I've never got over him, who I had for a week, and my ex I was with for more than a year and well… forgot about that much quicker! dogs are forever <3

    amber love

  3. Toby is ultimately cute! Lovely set and I liked your dress so much, I have a pup too, sadly I can't take a decent pic of her, she would rather eat the camera rather than posing in front of it.

    I think it's safe to say that Toby is stealing the show, [:
    Much love Mel

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