With the temperatures rising in the North (albeit it a bit muggy and still rainy here and there) I’m dreaming of new summer pieces to add to my wardrobe. The High Street seems to have got it right this season, and as I often say, it’s usually very hit and miss for me a lot of the time. However, this summer I seem to constantly be seeing pieces that I have to have, which is great for me but not so great for my ever dwindling bank balance! I would shop in the sales but I really don’t have the patience for scouring messy shop rails and fighting off fellow shoppers for that must have item, so the majority of these are full price, but hey, there’s always good old discount voucher codes to get the price down! 

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I think over the past year or so my style has changed quite a lot. I now know what shapes and fits suit my frame, and can confidently pick an item without even having to try it on and know it will be right for me. I also know which colours suit me best and complement my skin tone and hair colour, and I think my look overall is a little more relaxed but with a slightly grown up feel.

I’m loving printed tops that are ever so slightly cropped, paired with high waisted jeans and shorts at the moment. There’s something so classic about a striped tee and a high waistline that I really like, probably because it’s one of those things that never seems to go out of fashion and is so easy to wear. I’m also loving denim in general, but in particular the vintage-esque grey bleach wash that is emerging again, particularly in jackets. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve fallen out of love with my Primark jacket, and I’m actually considering bleaching it myself rather than getting rid of it altogether, so if anyone knows how to achieve the look of the jacket at number 2, holler! 

When it comes to accessories, I’m really liking chic, ladylike shapes, especially in my shoes and bags lately. I love a good pastel accessory, so the pink sandals from Asos are right up my street, and the baby blue peep toes from Faith are so sweet! 

I think I’ve put myself a nice little capsule wardrobe together up there! Now just to find the money to pay for it all….

What are you lusting after this Summer? What pieces are at the top of your wish list?


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