I’m back with another food review from our time in York, and this time it’s hands down one of my favourite places to eat there. Shambles Kitchen is situated on (yep, you’ve guessed it!) The Shambles and is a little fast food chain boasting healthy recipes using fresh ingredients. The menu is only small and differs day to day depending on what ingredients they have delivered, which shows just how fresh everything is. Once something has gone, it’s gone! The speciality and probably the most popular item on the menu (we visited twice and pretty much every person who came through the door ordered one) is the pulled pork sandwich, which comes on fresh sour dough bread with a pile of fresh coleslaw and a sauce of your choice. I’d recommend the honey and mustard or the apple and hickory – both really tasty! 

As well as the pulled pork sandwiches, Shambles Kitchen also sell homemade wrapinis, which are toasted wraps packed with tasty fresh ingredients. I had one of these on my second visit and it was the nicest wrap I’ve ever eaten! It was filled with tandoori chicken, mango and lettuce, and I could have eaten it again and again! Other fillings include chicken zorba and cajun halloumi which all sounded pretty darn tasty!

We also loved the smoothies made fresh in house, our favourite being the Cloud 9 which was so good! It’s made from melon, strawberries, pineapple and lots of other goodies, and was our drink of choice each time we popped in for lunch. They also do freshly made juices, and a reboot juice detox diet that you can buy frozen to take home and enjoy for three, five or seven days! Such a clever idea!

Not only is the food and drink great, but the ethics of Shambles Kitchen are great too. As you can see on their chalk wall, all of their ingredients are bought direct from farmers, all food is prepared by hand in the kitchen, and doesn’t contain any nasties. Rather than spending money on marketing, it is spent on the best produce, and the profits go into their school smoothie bar project to encourage young people to eat more fruit and vegetables. They’ve set up 15 smoothie bars in schools across the country so far, and you can read more about them here!

A firm favourite of ours now that I’d definitely recommend to anyone visiting York! Friendly, helpful staff, a great atmosphere and most importantly, delicious food!

Have you been to Shambles Kitchen?


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