August has been a funny old month for me, with a lot of ups and downs. In terms of excitement, there was nothing great to note as it just seems the month flew by with very little to report! That might explain why the majority of this month’s photos were of food! Sadly we had to say goodbye to one of our family pets, our dog Rascal who was sixteen years old, which knocked me a lot more than I expected it to. The pace has also picked up at work over the past few weeks which has meant my brain has been so transfixed on marketing budgets that I haven’t had the drive to pick up the laptop and blog in the evenings as much as I would have liked to. September is here now though, and I’m starting to feel more like myself, so hopefully things will all fall back in to place. I’ve got an exciting couple of weeks ahead of me with my birthday just around the corner (a week tomorrow!) so hopefully this month will be much better! 

Making a Mr Coco doll with Alpro! | Saturday fry ups are becoming a thing | Reminiscing about the amazing food in York | Homemade strawberry milkshake | Too excited that the Great British Bake Off was back on TV | My July favourites | Finished Mr Coco! | Selling all my stuff | Playing with my favourite blushers for pale skin | Dreaming of being back in Albufeira | More Bake Off goodness! | Electric Orange shellac nails.

Stuffed chicken wrapped in proscuitto with mushroom sauce. Yum! | The orange coat is back out for Autumn! | Sweet dreams Rascal | Autumn/Winter wishlist | Pretending we’re posh with a pot of tea | Clearing out my many, many clothes | Love the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask | Obsessing over this Alchemy Oil Grapefruit Hair Remedy | Blogging! | Prancing around in a pretty outfit | Late night reading with Elle Magazine | Healthy chicken tikka and rice. So delicious!

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