It’s forever my quest to find the perfect red lipstick, and I think I may have found it in the form of Chanel’s Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour*. I’m officially obsessed with the shade ‘Coromandel’, a gorgeous glossy pillar box red that’s bound to turn heads and is incredibly easy to apply.

It’s only recently that I’ve managed to master the application of red lipstick with very little, if any, need for touching up mistakes, so I thought I’d share my fail safe technique with you using my new favourite lipstick! It’s quick and easy and you only need a few products and tools to get the perfect pout.

You will need:

– Lip scrub

– Lip balm

– Bright bold lipstick

– Lip brush (or a lip liner to match your chosen lip colour)

– Concealer- Concealer brush

Step 1: Lightly buff away any dry skin using a gentle lip scrub. This will get rid of any of those pesky little dry patches that lipstick clings to, and ensure your pout is soft and smooth before applying any products.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of nourishing lip balm to moisturise your lips and act as a barrier between your skin and the lip colour. I like to do this as bright lipsticks can sometimes stain your lips, and taking this step will prevent that from happening.

Step 3: Next I like to take a fine tipped lip brush and use it to carefully sweep a small amount of the lipstick along the edge of my lips. This isn’t always necessary but I like to do this to give a defined line that I can work within. You can do the same with a lip liner pencil in a similar colour to your lipstick if you want a bolder line, but I find that a liner brush does the job just as well, and cuts down on the amount of products I need!

Step 4: Now that your lips are lined and you’re happy with the shape you’ve created, it’s time to fill in and apply a bold layer of colour! I take the lipstick and apply it straight from the bullet on to the lips, filling in the lines I’ve created. I like to apply a couple of layers until I’m happy with the depth of the colour. The bolder the better in my opinion!

Step 5: To finish the look off and guarantee a really sharp, clean line, I like to apply a tiny amount of concealer around the edges of my lips. I take a concealer brush and carefully blend the concealer in to the skin, avoiding the lips and covering up any smudges that have managed to make their way on to the skin. This step ensures that the lips look as dramatic and sleek as possible, and it’s a great way of covering up any mistakes without having to wipe everything off and starting again!

So there we have it; my tips to create the perfect red lip. Of course this applies to any bold lip colour, whether that be a gorgeous bright pink you want to rock for your next night out, or a deep, rich plum shade that is perfect for the upcoming season! There are many, many red lipsticks in my collection, with everything from drug store favourites such as 17 and Rimmel, to luxury brands like Chanel and Nars lipstick

Have you any tips for applying a bold lipstick? What’s your go-to red shade?

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