I’ve been itching to put a Gift Guide together for a few weeks now (working in retail does that to you..) and since I’m well on with my Christmas shopping and things are starting to look rather festive everywhere I go, I thought now would be the perfect time. Shop windows are filled with fairy lights, gift guide Catalogues are in every store and Christmas songs are creeping up on us quicker than you can say Jingle Bells. I also wanted to get in there early before you’re sick of seeing these kind of posts! 

This year I’m going to keep it simple with two instalments, kicking things off with the girls, of course! Now I’m not saying every girl out there will love every single one of these things, but I’ve tried to include something for everyone, whether she’s in to fashion, beauty or all things in between. 

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Now I’m one of those girls who would rather have lots of smaller presents to open rather than one big thing, just because I find it so much more exciting, so most of these gift ideas are geared more towards lower budgets. There are a couple of higher priced items in there too, but everything comes in at £140 and under, so there’s something to suit any price range you’re working within.

For me, a good place to start is accessories. A girl can never have too many, whether its hats and scarves or some lovely jewellery. They don’t have to be expensive either, as there’s so many affordable styles available on the high street and online. Shoes are another thing that you can’t really go wrong with, and personally one of my favourite kinds of gifts! It may be more of a personal taste kinda thing, so take a good look at the styles she usually goes for and don’t stray too far from that. 

Another one of my favourite things to receive at Christmas, and something my mum get’s me every year, is pyjamas! It wouldn’t be Christmas for me without a new set, and sometimes I get a pair from Dan especially for Christmas Eve! Some silky ones like above look so much more expensive, even if they didn’t cost that much.

If you don’t feel comfortable buying them something fashion based, them beauty is always a good way to go. Maybe she’s running low on her favourite perfume, or she’s a budding make up artist who needs more tools to add to her collection? A really nice make-up brush kit is a great idea if you’re not sure what shades or products she likes, or if you really want to spoil her, then there’s some amazing gift sets available from some really lovely brands that feature a whole array of items to suit most price ranges.

Finally, if those aren’t her thing, then how about something she can use to create memories with, like a polaroid camera? There’s loads of other gadgets on the market that do a similar thing too, such as Instagram printers that print your photos off your phone, or you could even order some polaroid style prints of her favourite photos and display them in a cute frame.

Whatever she likes, there is so much out there to choose from, and I for one love Christmas shopping and picking out the perfect gift for loved ones. 

What gifts would you recommend for the lovely ladies in your lives?


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