Working near to a Lush store is probably one of the best and worst things for a bit of a beauty junkie like myself! I only need to catch a whiff of the heady scent of the shop and I immediately want to step inside and explore, but that usually ends up in me spending money! As I’m sure you all know, the new Christmas collection was recently unveiled, and I just couldn’t resist making a cheeky purchase of a few items!

Clockwise from left: Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, So White Bath Ballistic, Yog Nog Soap and Cinders Bath Ballistic

I’m pretty pleased with myself for being so restrained to be perfectly honest, and I already have a list as long as my arm for things I want to add to my collection, but I’m pretty happy with the goodies I picked up first time round.

Candy Mountain was one of the first to find it’s way in to my basket. It’s scented with a similar fragrance to two of my favourite Lush products; Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Rock Star Soap, and it has a gorgeous pink shimmer to it.

The So White bath bomb isn’t something I would usually go for, as I’m normally drawn to the bright colours and super sweet scents (the more garish the better!), and this is probably the most simplistic looking one you could possibly find! I believe it has a beautiful rose pink centre though, which sold it for me! I’m yet to try these two out in the bath so I can’t say just yet whether they are really relaxing or have that Lush ‘show’ effect that we know and love in their products, but I’m pretty darn excited to give them a whirl!

I absolutely adore the scent of Cinders. It has such a warming, spicy scent that has Winter written all over it, and the popping candy had me sold! I used this one pretty much straight after taking these photos, and although I felt relaxed and smelt brilliant afterwards, there’s something about the yellow-ish colour it turns the water that has left me wondering whether I’d buy it again. I’m sure if you use your imagination you’ll know what I mean!!

Finally, I’ve left the absolute best until last! Yog Nog, as far as I’m aware, is a new addition to the Winter soap range, and oh my what a beauty! This soft, moisturising soap is made with soya yogurt, so it’s incredibly creamy and nourishing, but what I love the most is the scent. It smells like Christmas to me, with it’s festive spicy fragrance that reminds me of baking and caramel (two more of my favourite things). It basically feels like a big warm hug, which is pretty much perfect!

What have you picked up from the Lush Christmas range?

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