Another year done and dusted, which means it’s time for another year of outfits! I must admit, I’m pretty impressed with myself for keeping these annual posts up (this is number four!) as I usually fail miserably at any kind of feature on the old blog, so hurrah for this one!

This year seems to have been (once again) all about denim for me. I seem to have practically lived in ripped jeans for a good chunk of the year, and if it wasn’t jeans it was high waisted shorts or pretty dresses. Throw in a bundle of bobble hats and fedoras and that’s my wardrobe pretty much summed up! 

I feel like I say this most years, but I think towards the end of 2014 my style has started to change and mature. I’m much more aware of my body shape and what fits and cuts suit my figure, plus I don’t seem to be as attracted to bright colours as much as I have been in the past. Looking back over the last year, there’s been the odd splash of mustard yellow, orange and a few pastel hues here and there, but I’ve found myself drawn to blacks, greys and of course, denims lately as they’re so much easier to style and work in to my wardrobe.

Some of my favourite items from 2014 are my ripped Hayden jeans from Topshop, my ASOS ripped knee black skinnies,  Primark fedora hats, my mint green floral dress and my many, many kimonos!
It’s been great to look back over my outfits from the past twelve months and rediscover some of the items that have been hidden away in the depths of my wardrobe!

How has your style evolved over the year? What were your favourite clothing items of 2014?


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