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you’re cutting back on booze, laying off the chocolate, or swapping the sofa
for the gym; the beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and
make some changes for the better. But if you’re really looking to create a ‘new
you’, the best thing you can do is bite the bullet and go for a full-on hair

you’re stuck in a style rut, now is the perfect time to mix things up and go
for something completely different. The knock-on effects of a new hairstyle are
almost endless, with the ability to change the way you feel, act and dress –
just don’t expect it to get you that promotion or win over that certain someone
(although, you never know…)

are just some of the ways that you can change your locks this season – the
question is, how daring are you?

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Go for the chop

you’re used to wearing your hair long, you’ll be amazed at how freeing it can
feel to go for a big chop – plus, think of all the time that you’ll save drying
your hair in the mornings! You should also be left with softer, healthier and
shinier hair as a result.  And remember:
hair grows! So what’s the worst that can happen?

popular short style for this year looks set to be the lob (or long bob). From
Selena Gomez to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, celebs and fashionistas alike are
realising that shorter looks frame the face and create an instantly more
sophisticated look.

something more extreme, the ruffled petite cut takes hair just below chin
level, worn in softly defined waves. Already seen on Sienna Miller and Alexa
Chung, this style works great on diamond-shaped faces, showing off your neck
and emphasising the shape of the jawline.

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Bang Bang

you want to make a change but just aren’t willing to sacrifice any length, then
get your hairdresser to cut in a cheekbone-accentuating fringe – and the good
news is, they work well on shorter lengths, too.

the ‘70s bohemia look due to make a return this spring, make a nod to the trend
by wearing your fringe long, full and parted at the centre. For a more polished
effect, get your fringe cut short and blunt, or thick and ‘full-fat’. Wear the
rest of your hair straight and get ready for those compliments on your chic new

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Bold colour

seems as if the old adage of ‘blondes have more fun’ is no longer true, so if
you’ve been lightening your hair for as long as you can remember then try
returning to your brunette roots. With so many shades available – from warm
honey brown, to deep, dramatic chocolate – there is something to suit every
skin tone and add a glossy finish to any style.

why not try life as a redhead? The likes of Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain are
making this a popular new colour choice, and you can go as bright or as subtle
as you like – depending on how brave you’re feeling.

really add some drama to your 2015 look, embrace the latest trend for rainbow
hair colours – as loved by Nicole Richie, who recently updated her pale lilac
locks to a bright shade of aquamarine. Moving on from the pastel trend of last
year, this look is brighter and bolder than ever, mixing several shades
together for an attention-grabbing shot of colour. Certainly not one for the

If you fancy starting
the year with a brand new image and happen to be passing by the Kent area, there are a number ofhighly-skilled hairdressers in Tunbridge Wells who would love to help you
decide which new style would be right for you.

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