To celebrate the launch of romantic drama “The Best Of Me” on DVD, I was very lucky to receive a girl’s night in package to watch the film with friends and give my two cents on the film itself. I invited my good friend Steph over last weekend and we tucked in to a Chinese feast and sweets from M&S, before treating our skin to a face mask and settling down to watch the film.

The Best Of Me stars James Marsden (Hairspray, 27 Dresses, X Men) who was actually the only cast member I have seen before, along with Michelle Monoghan, Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, who’s name you might recognise from the likes of The Notebook and Dear John, The Best Of Me tells a story of two childhood sweethearts who find themselves back together again twenty years later at a funeral of a special friend. The story flips between past and present throughout, and I’ll warn you, it’s a tear jerker!

If you’re looking for a girly romance film for you and your friends to enjoy (or if you’re in need of a good cry!!) then I’d definitely recommend The Best Of Me. The film takes you on a rollercoaster ride of a story, about a good boy from a bad crowd, falling in love with a girl who’s parents would rather he had nothing to do with her. It’s a love story with a difference that took me by surprise in places. A great set of characters played by great actors (Liana Liberato is great as a young Amanda, and James Marsden’s role as the present Dawson is really well portrayed and refreshing compared to his usual characters) and a really touching story, so much so that I’d actually consider picking the book up, too!

I hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend. I’ll be spending the rest of my evening scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to re-style my bedroom! Renting and not being able to decorate is so tricky, but with the help of the likes of Ikea, Not A Box and other quirky interior stores, we can make it look just how we planned! 

Have you seen The Best Of Me? What was your favourite thing about the film?

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