So every so often there’s the odd email that drops in to my inbox and really makes my ears prick up (so to speak). When I spotted the words ‘Hotel Chocolat‘ in the subject bar I was instantly hooked and just had to see what it was all about. I was ever so kindly offered an item from the Easter range (there goes the diet…) so after a jump for joy and a little squeal of happiness I decided to go for something a little different than the typical Easter egg, so picked The Egglet H-Box. Behold it’s beauty…

Being the chocoholic that I am it was pretty hard to resist temptation before taking photos, but I managed to quickly get some snaps before caving in! Filled with fifteen miniature eggs in a variety of ten different flavours, The Egglet-H Box makes the perfect gift for someone who you want to spoil this Easter, as it oozes indulgence with yummy flavours such as Champagne Truffle, Calvados Caramel and Strawberry Truffle (my favourite!).

Needless to say, these didn’t stick around for long in our house as they were so addictive! I wasn’t overly keen on the dark chocolate ones, but I’ve never been a fan of it in general anyway. Luckily Dan loves dark chocolate so he happily finished the final few off for me.

I’d definitely recommend this is you’re looking for a more mature Easter gift for someone special! I’m just sad that I have none left anymore. Serves me right!

Will you be buying anything from the Hotel Chocolat Easter range this year? Who would you spoil with the Egglet-H box?


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