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Prom and being plus size. Come prom night you’re going to want to feel grown up and gorgeous, right?

Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

There’s no need to feel shy and self-conscious and you can definitely find perfect 2016 prom dresses for plus size girls. So rock that look and feel confident with your curves in a flattering gown with these top tips.

Defining the Neckline

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Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

If you have a large chest and rather broad shoulders, look for gowns with necklines that will help to soften those areas. Scoop necklines with a cap sleeve or sweetheart necklines will help to elongate your chest and neck. They’ll draw attention away from broad shoulders. The cap sleeves will further help to cover up any bulges around your underarm area and you can wear a supportive bra which might be a necessity to rock this type of gown.

Accentuate Your Waistline

You should strive to find your natural waist line and accentuate it. Don’t let people tell you to pick an A-line chiffon gown, for example, to cover up your curves. Perfect 2016 prom dresses that are fitted can be extremely flattering on plus-size tall girls. These dresses look great when the flare is just above the knee instead of right under the stomach.


Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

Do make sure that there isn’t a noticeable horizontal steam running across your body where the flare starts, though. It takes this seam to break up your body and make you look shorter and a whole lot heavier.

Don’t Be Scared to Use Shapewear

It’s handy to find the right share. Don’t let it make you feel like you’re trying to stuff yourself into a scuba suit.  Find good shapewear that will slim and smooth any edges or bumps that you would like to hide. High-waisted under wear that comes with a built in panel can help create a really smooth line under your gown. Full body styles can help create this effect too.

Finding the Right Fit Right Now

Don’t think that perfect 2016 prom dresses need to be two sizes too small and then set the goal of fitting into one by prom. Oh no, don’t try that old trick. It’s a bad idea. Setting fitness goals is a fantastic idea but it’s no good pressuring yourself to lose a certain amount of pounds by a certain time. It can only serve to lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Fitness needs to become a long-term goal and by no means a quick fix. So buy your prom dress in the size you are right now and you’re bound to feel amazing in it.

Find a Dress to Compliment Your Skin Tone

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Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

Whatever shape or size you are, you need to find a gown that will suit your skin tone. This can make a massive difference to how you feel and look in your dress. So if, for example, you have a skin tone of yellow undertones, stay far away from beiges and yellows and opt for jewel tones like deep purples, reds and even royal blue that will make your skin glow.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Anything Less than Perfect

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Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

You should wear the dress that makes you feel the most stunning. If you’re donning a gown that you’ve fallen in love with, it will shine through your smile and the way you carry yourself. And that alone is going to help you rock your curves and your gown.

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