I’ve always been a fan of the peplum, but have always struggled to find a style that both flatters my body shape and can be worn in a casual way, rather than just for workwear. I used to own one or two of the first sleeveless Topshop ones that became popular a few years back, but they were so ‘smart’ that I only really felt comfortable in them for work. Being an hourglass shape myself, it’s also a little difficult to find one that doesn’t exaggerate that too much. I’m naturally wide hipped, something I know can look great, but a peplum that’s too wide can make me look ridiculously out of proportion and seem like I’m carrying more weight there than I actually am! (#girlproblems)

Peplum Top – Blue Vanilla*
Jacket – ASOS
Jeans – H&M
Sandals – Primark
Clutch – Mulberry Outlet at Cheshire Oaks*

I came across this jersey off the shoulder number from Blue Vanilla and fell in love with the colour, the style and the neckline instantly. It’s a soft ribbed jersey fabric, making it super soft and casual, and the peplum is quite loose and not overly exaggerated. I also like how it’s quite short in the length, as it breaks up my long torso (another part of my body I have issues with!). I wore it dressed down yesterday with my new favourite jacket from ASOS, some slim fit ripped jeans from H&M and a pair of sandals I picked up recently at Primark – a great look for this ever changing weather!

Do you like the Peplum shape? How would you style a top like this?

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