As you’re reading this, we’ll be on our jollies on the (hopefully) sunny island of Porto Santo! Packing for the trip was like a military operation, as my inner perfectionist/ organisation freak comes out in me. I’m one of those weird people who absolutely loves it and relished in the fact that I could spend my entire Sunday afternoon organising our life (and most importantly, outfits) for two weeks in to two little cases. I like to think that I’ve got this packing business down to a fine art now, so here are my top tips for packing like a pro when you’re off on your holidays!

Passport Cover & Sunglasses – Radley*

Bikini – Very

1. Plan In Advance. Scour your wardrobe a few weeks before your trip and start to pull out any items you want to take with you. That way you can then assess the situation and see what items you actually need rather than splurging on a whole new wardrobe you may not even end up wearing. I’ve made this mistake many times in the past, so this year I only let myself buy pieces I actually needed, and saved myself a lot of money in the long run!

2. Split The Packing. If you’re travelling with a partner or a friend, it’s a good idea to split your belongings between the two cases. This is a tip I learnt from someone who had one of their suitcases lost for the first few days of their trip, and had to use the other persons stuff until their case arrived! We make sure we have a selection of each other’s clothes, toiletries and sun cream in each case to avoid a disaster like this. If both cases go missing, there isn’t really a lot you can do, but if one does, then at least you’re covered! 

3. Outfit Build. Particularly useful if you’re going to do the above, or if you’re going on a short break away, building outfits ensures you pack exactly what you need for each day, and you’re not stuck with items that don’t go with anything else. Fold your favourite pair of denim shorts up with a couple of tees you know go well with it, and make sure you pack that gorgeous two piece as one! 

4. Roll With It. A great way to save space in a suitcase is to roll your clothes, particularly the items that are most likely to crease. Also, if you roll up items and lay them side by side, you can assess your holiday wardrobe at a glance, which you wouldn’t be able to do if everything was all stacked up on top of each other!

5. Use Your Shoes. If you’re packing shoes such as trainers or boots for your trip, make use of them whilst they’re in the case! Use them to store smaller items, or items that could easily be damaged such as jewellery, watches, small cameras or sunglasses.

6. No More Tangles. Store delicate jewellery in a piece of tissue and pack in a clutch bag to make sure it stays flat and free from tangles, and doesn’t get lost amongst all the clothes! 

7. Bag It Up. When it comes to toiletries or perfumes, pack them within a carrier bag or wash bag in case there happens to be a disaster (a la Ross in Friends ‘MAJOR SHAMPOO EXPLOSION!’) where something breaks and spills. That way it won’t leak on to your beloved clothes! 

8. First Night Essentials. If you’re going to be arriving at your hotel late in the evening or in the early hours, think about the things you will need when you get there; pyjamas, toothbrush, toothpaste etc, and pack these near the top of the case so that you can easily find them without having to unpack the whole thing straight away!

9. Pack A Luggage Scale. We all weigh our cases before we set off, but how do we make sure they stay underweight after all that holiday shopping? Packing a small luggage scale (we’ve bought them from supermarkets or even Poundland in the past) means you can quickly weigh your cases before you set off back home to make sure you’re not stung with any nasty charges!

10. Spruce Up Your Suitcase. If like us your cases are pretty plain, you might want to think about adding something to them to make them stand out when they’re on the baggage carousel. We tie a bright ribbon around the handle, or in the past we’ve bought a colourful luggage strap to clip around the whole of the case.

Those are some of my top tips for packing. Have you got any that I might have missed?

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