I have been a little off the radar in the past couple of months when it’s come to blogging, mainly because life just got in the way! We’ve recently moved house after a LONG wait and most of my spare time has been spent packing, unpacking and generally making the place feel like home! 

One of my favourite rooms in the house by far is the kitchen, and having such a nice little set up has meant I’ve got right back in to cooking again. I’ve been dying to show you my new Joseph Joseph chopping boards, but I’d lost my mojo when it came to cooking in the last few weeks at the flat, so I’ve only got round to using them properly recently! 

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards – The Hut*

We’re both in to experimenting with recipes we have discovered or trying out new meals, so these are going to be very well used (and have been so far in the past couple of weeks already). I love the fact that there are four different boards for different types of food; cold vegetables, fruit etc, cooked food, raw fish and raw meat, as it means there’s no contamination. Every board is labelled so you know which one to use for each food type, and each has a different surface that is designed specifically for that food type. Nifty, hey?!

We’ve already used these when making all sorts of meals such as roast dinners, lamb hotpot, chicken, sausages, omelette and loads more. They’re super hard wearing and great quality, so I can see these being a staple in our kitchen for a long, long time!

I’ve now got my eyes on lots of other items from the Joseph Joseph range, and have even put the stacking bowls on my Christmas list!

Have you tried anything from the range before? What are your must have kitchen gadgets when it comes to cooking?


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