When two of my favourite loves come together, interiors and Christmas, I get a little bit over excited to say the least. The tree goes up like clockwork on December 1st, and I’m shopping for new decorations way back in October when everything gold and sparkly hits the shelves. I always have to have a theme for my Christmas decor, and in the past four or five years that has changed countless times. Living back at home with a more modern colour scheme in my bedroom, and back at the flat last year with it’s basic decor meant my Christmas decs were fairly modern in colour and style, however this year we’ve moved in to more of an older house with high ceilings and original features, so we’ve gone for a more traditional feel!




















More or less everything you see in these photos, other than the big wreath on the door (Homesense last year!), is new this year. Believe me, I’ve spent that much money on decorations in the past few months that I’ll probably need to take out a loan sometime soon!!  I’ve carefully selected pieces that I think will sit nicely together, and went for a metallic theme, predominantly rose  gold to match some of the accessories I already have in the living room. I’ve picked mine up from various places such as John Lewis, Sainsburys, H&M, Wilko and Homesense and have gone for a mix of textures on the tree. There’s plenty of glitter, glass, metal, wool and even fur!

I also had a lovely garland and personalised heart shaped wreath made to match our decorations, and have a few other copper themed accessories dotted around for good measure.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without candles, and we have A LOT. I’ve got two Tiger white candlesticks on the fireplace sat in fancy copper holders from H&M, then 3 beautifully festive scented candles on the coffee table, one Orla Kiely and two from trusty Homesense.

So there we have it! I am MORE than ready for the main event. Come at me, Christmas!

PS. Three sleeps!! hdfjdhfjdjfhdjudseu!!!!


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