Hooray to me for keeping up with these posts for the fifth year running! Another year over means another look back at some of my outfits from the past twelve month. Change of jobs and the amount of free time I have at home lately has meant I haven’t had the chance to post as many outfits as I would have liked (New Years resolution – one every fortnight at least. Let’s see how long that lasts shall we?).

Whilst there may not be as many to look through as usual, one thing that definitely stands out in this year’s looks is the colours (or rather the lack of them). I’ve been well and truly in to my monochrome and neutral shades for the majority of the year, and of course denim. I love me some denim!

If I’m honest I’ve felt in a bit of a style rut for the most part of 2016. My weight has fluctuated a lot leaving me feeling very self conscious at times and I’ve just felt at a bit of a loss with fashion. I don’t know whether it’s just that the past year’s trends haven’t really been ‘me’ or if I’ve just struggled with finding things I like. Has anyone else felt that way??

I think over the past couple of months I’ve been really finding out what shapes suit me, colours and prints, and I’m starting to build up a wardrobe that I actually love, so in the next few months I’ll hopefully be posting a lot more outfits! 

What did your year in outfits shape up to be like? What were your favourite trends?


  1. I love this round up! I especially like your choices of prints-there's some lovely ones in there! I have felt a bit crap about the way I look too; a lot of blog posts I feel I look so ugly or really tired or just generally not very nice! It's so difficult I think when there are so many beautiful bloggers out there, not to compare yourself against them. But I think you look fabulous in every shot. XO Amie

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