If there’s one thing I love, it’s spending time with some of my absolute favourite people. Two ladies who have graced my life in the past few years and become close friends of mine are Sophia, a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold and someone who keeps me sane at work on an almost daily basis (aka work wife) and Steph, an equally lovely lady who I have a ridiculous amount in common with and met whilst working the Vintage and Craft fair scene a few years back. I swear that these two have carbon copies of my brain. Sophia shares my love of peanut butter, Little Mix and stationery of any shape or form, and Steph shares my love of beauty products, vintage prints and (guilty pleasure) watching Youtubers. We are basically the same. 

So when Pretty Little Thing asked me to get my favourite girls together and dress them up in some fabulous new clothes, these two were the top of my list. I suppose you could say they’re my squad! 

I think it’s fair to say that we all have pretty different styles, but we tend to go for similar prints or colours. You’ll often hear us saying ‘I could picture you in this dress’ or ‘I saw this and thought of you’ as we all have a distinctive taste.

When it come to Steph’s style, I’d probably describe it as quite bohemian with a mixture of the 60s and 70s. Lots of little shift dresses with paisley or floral prints or cute little mini skirts with a roll neck or pretty blouse. True to form, Steph decided on a beautiful paisley shirt dress that can be dressed up or down, and teamed it with some classic black ankle boots complete with tortoise shell block heels (I want these myself already!). To be honest I’m pretty much jealous of anything Steph wears as she always looks so well put together, but completely effortless at the same time.

In Sophia’s case, I’d probably say her style is a little more classic. With such a gorgeous petite frame she can practically wear anything and look amazing! You’ll often find Sophia in simple skinnies with an amazing oversized knit or classic blouse, or a pretty floral printed skater or swing dress. Her olive skin (jel.) means she can rock everything from khaki to burnt orange and look beaut! The chic black shirt dress Sophia chose was absolutely perfect for her, and the amazing rose gold heels are just perfection.

Most of you will know my style pretty well by now. I’m probably a mixture of the above two styles to be honest. I absolutely love pretty dresses in ditsy vintage inspired prints, and at the same time I love my jeans, printed tees and knitwear. It all depends on the occasion and my mood at the time! For our meal out I decided to mix up the casual with the more ‘dressy’ so I paired a chic black cami and statement red shoes with some boyfriend jeans which I love so much! (I had to throw the jacket over the top because 1. next to these two I looked absolutely ghostly pale, and 2. it’s cold)

Steph wears:

Meilee Paisley Print Shirt Dress – here

Lovia Tortoise Shell Block Heel Ankle Boots – here

I wear:

(Biker Jacket – Zara)

Mara Black Button Up Cami – here

Ester Rip Boyfriend Jeans – here 

Alicia Red Fringe Heels – here

Sophia wears:

Leni Black Shirt Dress – here

Angelina Rose Gold Strappy Heels – here

Dany Black Fringe Bag – here

We decided to put our outfits to the test and head out for some food and a good gossip together this afternoon. Let’s just say, when we got back, things got a bit silly….

I absolutely love these girls and I’m so glad to call them my friends. Although we might not get to see each other all the time (trying to get all three of us in the same room at the same time is an art, trust me!)  I know they would always have my back. Thank you Pretty Little Thing for letting these two ladies be part of this post and for spoiling them so fabulously!

How would you describe your friend’s style? What would be your #squadgoals? (Taylor Swift, obvs


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