Not many of you will know this, but I’ve worn glasses since the age of four, and for the most part of my school years I had to wear them all day, every day. I’ve got what is commonly known as a ‘squint’ or lazy left eye, which basically means my left eye’s vision isn’t as strong as the right, and when I was younger I relied on my right eye to see things clearly. My left eye also does what the hell it wants when it’s tired (scientific explanation right there), and can often look in a slightly different direction if I try to focus on something too close or have been straining my eyes after hours at the computer or reading a book for a while. When I left school I was told that I only had to wear them for reading as I had learnt to control my squint, but soon after that, ‘just for reading’ quickly turned in to ‘never’. Fast forward 8 years and I now have a job that requires me to use the computer for the majority of my day, and naturally my eyes have started to feel the strain. That’s when Specsavers came to the rescue! 

I was very kindly asked to review the service in my local Specsavers store and pick up some fabulous new frames from the designer glasses collection, so I plucked up the courage and booked my fist eye test in a long time…

After a nervous wait in the waiting room before hand, I was taken through for my eye test, and to cut a long story short I was super chuffed to find out that not only did I have what the optician dubbed ‘very healthy eyes’ but also that my prescription has actually improved after 8 years without glasses! He advised that I should start wearing them again for computer work or reading, just to stop the eye strain and keep the lazy eye at bay, but all in all my eyes were looking good! 

Next up came the tricky part; deciding on a pair of frames! Luckily I’d checked out the range online beforehand and already had an idea of the frame shame and colour I wanted after using the handy Buyer’s Guide on the website. I met one of the helpful assistants who showed me around the collections and told me I could actually get two pairs of frames as they were all included in the 2 for 1 offer! 

Top: Max & Co 01*
Bottom: Karl Lagerfeld KL 06*

I had decided I wanted to go for quite a classic ‘wayfarer-esque’ shape in a chunky frame, but not something that would look too harsh against my fair skin tone. I picked out a pair from the Max & Co range with a slight feline shape to the corners in classic tortoise-shell, and I also went for a similar frame from the Karl Lagerfeld collection. These are a paler shade that almost blends in to my skin tone and aren’t too obvious at first glance. These are definitely my favourite of the two (check out Karl himself on the case), but I love them both!

When I had come to my decision, I was sat down for a quick fitting with some nifty technology to identify the exact size of lens, and how the frames would fit my face (apparently I’m very symmetrical!). I then had to go away and wait a few days for my order to arrive, and popped back in for a final fitting to ensure they were absolutely perfect before I took them away! 

I’m so happy with both pairs, and I’m also really glad to have glasses back in my life (something I never thought I would say after years and years of wearing them!). I’ve been wearing them almost every day since picking them up at the beginning of the month whenever I’m working on the computer, and I’ve had so many lovely compliments about how they suit me. 

Thank you so much to Specsavers, particularly the lovely staff at the Friargate, Preston store who were so helpful and lovely right from the initial test to the final fitting. I will definitely be back in two years for my next test and won’t leave it so long next time!

Do you wear glasses? What frame shape would you choose?


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