Back in July last year I lost over a stone thanks to healthy eating, regular exercise and looking after myself more in general. Then holidays happened, followed by birthdays, followed by Christmas and New Year, and before I knew it I was back to my former self and feeling a little worse for wear. I jumped on the January health kick band wagon and after a few hiccups I’m pleased to say that I’m finally back in a new routine and making changes to my lifestyle to make me feel healthier and (fingers crossed) a stone lighter once again! 

Helping me with my workouts is the fabulous new fitness range from one of my favourite online stores, Boohoo. The Boohoo FIT range is full of sportswear with a touch of sass, from bright colours to pretty prints, making them super fashionable. Back in the days when I would hit the gym four or five times a week, I’d despise wearing my workout gear as it was so unflattering and boring, but this is right up my street! 

Molly Galaxy Workout Top*

Lacey Galaxy Print Leggings*

I’ve been exercising at home for the past few weeks, putting our exercise bike to use as well as my hula hoop (amazing workout!) and our new ab exerciser, but now that I’ve got some new fitness wear I’m actually tempted to show my face in public at the gym again (maybe).

Everything fits perfectly, and most importantly, sucks everything in in the right places. I love the galaxy print panels on this set which make it look so much more expensive, like fully fledged sports brands, but in actually fact this matching set is only £24.00 altogether. Bargain!

In fact I love this set so much that I’ve now got my eye on the Phillipa Marble Print Leggings and the Tilly Marble Print Crop for when I fancy wearing a different shade. I’ve also been mixing and matching the set above with grey camisoles and black sports bras for when I want something a little more paired down. So versatile! 

What do you like to wear when you’re working out? Have you checked out the Boohoo FIT range?

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