For the second instalment of my house tour posts here on Who What Claire, I thought I’d show you inside our bathroom! This is hands down my favourite room of the house, and the room that completely sold it to me. It’s a complete hidden gem within the otherwise fairly traditional Victorian house, as it was recently refurbished just over a year or so ago and you wouldn’t expect it to look like this if you saw the style of some other rooms. We had such a tiny bathroom in the flat, so this was a huge improvement for us!

As soon as I saw the size of the room, I knew I had to get one of the Ikea Kallax units to store all of our towels and toiletries. It’s the perfect size to hold everything, and the addition of the baskets means we can hide away anything that looks a little ugly such as cleaning products and spare bath mats. I also knew I wanted somewhere to store all of my Lush products, so I used a Vintage style suitcase I already had to proudly display them all! We’ve also got a selection of jars for cotton pads and buds, and a few candles for good measure, because obviously. 

There are so many aspects of the room that I love, such as the big window that lets in so much natural light, the gorgeous free standing bath that just cries out for a Lush bath bomb, the heated towel rails and the built in mirrored cabinet above the sink. If you had seen the bathroom in our old place, you’d realise how amazing these things are for us to have now! 

I’ve tried to stick to a theme in the room when it comes to accessories and towels, which is Black, grey and white. In such a large space, it can be difficult to bring a theme together, but I think the towels and bath mats, the accessories on the sink, and the glass jars and flowers on the shelving unit all compliment each other nicely. 

What do you think? You can probably tell from the amount of times I’ve said it that I love this room so much! I love coming home from work and running a bath, putting on some music and sometimes lighting a candle to unwind and relax. It’s such a peaceful space, and I like to think of it as my little spot of luxury (on a shoestring budget) in the house.

Which parts of the room are your favourites? 

Next week I’ll be posting about our kitchen, then that will be it in the House Tour series for a little while until we get the other rooms up to scratch! Have you posted a house tour recently? I’d love to see it and take a nosey!

Claire x


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