Recently I upgraded to the iPhone 6S after spending far too long battling with an Android phone that I had completely fallen out of love with (and smashed to pieces – oops) , then a beat up old iPhone 5 with a dwindling battery life. I’d been eyeing up the rose gold version from afar for a while and decided to take the plunge when I got my Apple Watch (see my Apple Watch review here!). Fast forward a month or so and it is true love. I thought I’d show you some of the apps I’ve been using the most since getting the handset, from photo editing to blogging to food!

Starting with the obvious, probably two of my most used apps and absolute must haves for me are Twitter and Instagram. I love to keep up to date with tweets from friends, bloggers, brands and of course, the celebs, so I’m always checking out my feed to see who’s got something good to say. I’ve really got back in to Twitter recently after going a little MIA on it about a year ago, but now I’m a bit of an addict! 

Instagram is hands down my favourite social media channel though. I love a good flat lay, food post, outfit photo and of course the obligatory pouty selfie, whether it’s taking one myself or scrolling through my feed. There’s something so satisfying about getting a sneak peek in to everyone’s day whilst aimlessly scrolling down the screen for minutes (hours *cough*) on end!

Another two must haves for me, and I’m sure they are for many bloggers, are Pinterest and Bloglovin‘. Pinterest, like Instagram, can suck me in and captivate me for hours. I’m all for dreamy interior photos, outfit inspiration, ideas for my next ‘do and generally planning my life out in a series of beautifully arranged boards, so the app version of the website is perfect for on the go.

Bloglovin’ is perfect for catching up on my favourite blogs when I’m out and about, and gives me something to read whilst I’m on trains to and from work. I love the simplicity of the app compared to the website, which I sometimes find a little confusing to navigate.

When it comes to photo editing, there’s so many apps out there it can be difficult to know which one to choose. I’ve found a handful of favourites over time that I’d recommend for various reasons. First up is Instagram’s Layout app, which is brilliant for creating collages or mirrored images in a few easy steps. I also love Over for adding text on top of images, which can come in really handy for blog posts. There’s a great range of fonts on there, and again it’s super easy to use, save and upload images.

If you’re a filter junkie (self-confessed, I won’t lie!) and are bored of the usual Instagram culprits, Pomelo has a whole range of them to choose from to enhance your photos and up your Insta-game. If you want to get a bit more technical with your shots, the Photoshop Express app is great for tweaking various settings, removing the dreaded red-eye and resizing photos (and it’s a whole lot easier to use than the desktop version!).

Moving slightly off piste to food, if you love to blog about recipes and food reviews like I do, then you might like to try Foodie; an app dedicated to making your tasty treats look even more mouth watering! I love using this when I’m photographing food for my restaurant reviews to make the quick phone camera shots look more professional, and I’m planning on using this when I start posting more recipes soon!

Then completely off topic and nothing to do with photo editing at all, but one of my favourite apps, is Deliveroo! I spend a lot of time in hotels in London for work and don’t always fancy the overpriced bar food they serve in house, nor can I always be bothered heading out in search of food after a long day, especially in Winter, so Deliveroo is my best friend when I’m away.  If you haven’t heard of Deliveroo, it’s basically an app where you can order food from your favourite restaurants and have it delivered straight to your door. I’m not talking takeaways. Far from it! Deliveroo drivers will collect food from the likes of Wagamama, Byron Burger and Giraffe to name a few. It’s not available everywhere yet, but it’s in a lot of major cities now, and is one of the best inventions EVER.

So there you have a sneak peek in to the apps on my phone right now. As far as I know, all of these are free, so definitely worth a try if you haven’t used them already. A few others than get my seal of approval are VSCO and Afterlight (£0.79); two great photo editing apps that have some cool features and filters, Timehop (because who doesn’t want to wake up to a photo of themselves from seven years ago in questionable make up and crimped hair?!), Countdown+ which is great if you have a big event or holiday you want to err… countdown to and Uber, a life saver when I get lost in London!

What apps would you recommend for iPhone? 

Claire x

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