Now that we’re out of the little flat and in a house with a garden, we finally have the opportunity to spend some time outdoors when the sun is out. To celebrate British Flower Week with FourWalls and Ocean Finance, we hit the garden centre (We’re real grown ups now. Rock and roll!) and picked out a whole load of pretty flowers to plant in the flower beds and add some colour to the garden. Now, I’m no garden expert, so don’t ask me what any of the plants actually are, but they look super pretty, don’t you agree?

We picked out a range of flowers in lots of bright colours, sticking to a theme of purple, yellow, red and white, and we’ve also since had some hanging baskets made, grown lots of herbs and even some strawberries! It’s all starting to come together nicely, slowly but surely. 

I know it’s hardly the work of Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh (anybody else used to love a bit of Ground Force back in the day?) but it’s definitely a start. We’re hoping to pick up even more plants to add to the beds, get some gravel to lay down for a seating area, and hunt down the perfect table and chairs. When we get back off holiday we’re going to spend some more time making the garden up exactly how we want to, then we can do some entertaining before Summer disappears! 

If you’ve got any tips for maintaining a small garden like ours or have any ideas of where to buy affordable yet fabulous garden furniture then I’d love to hear! We’re complete novices at this whole gardening malarkey, but hopefully we’ll have a little sanctuary to enjoy at some point this Summer.

What are your favourite flowers?

Claire x

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