It’s not often that a perfume comes along that I fall in love with. I can count on one hand my absolute all time favourites, and until a couple weeks ago, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess would have been close to the top of that list. Then a friend pointed me in the direction of The Fragrance Shop where this new release had just landed, and oh my goodness! Radiant Eau De Parfum is an exact, if not better, dupe of Bronze Goddess, and as die hard fans may know, the Estee Lauder version is an Eau De Toilette, meaning a lighter, less powerful fragrance that doesn’t last that long on the skin.

The best thing though? The price. A 100ml bottle of Bronze Goddess would set you back £50.00 (plus it’s limited edition, so can be a tricky one to get hold of!) whereas the Radiant perfume from The Fragrance Shop is a much more affordable £30.00 for the same size bottle, and a more concentrated fragrance.

So, if you’re in the market for a new holiday scent or just love the coconut-ty goodness of Bronze Goddess yet want something more affordable, then I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a bottle of this. They also do a men’s version which is incredible, and a shimmering body oil that would be perfect to accentuate bronzed holiday skin.

Have you tried Radiant yet? Are you a fan of Bronze Goddess?

Claire x

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