If you’re looking for a handful of ways to add some fun to
your winter wardrobe, you’ve landed on the perfect blog post for you. Accessorising
doesn’t have to be difficult or too expensive, so today, I’m covering just a
few of the easiest ways you can give your standard winter wardrobe a twist for
the new year. From furs capes to charm bracelets, I hope this gives you some
fashion inspiration.

 1.     Make a feature of fur
Faux fur practically bursts out of the high street at this
time of year, so no matter what your budget, finding colours and styles to suit
you shouldn’t be too difficult. From simple scarfs and trimmed gloves, to full
shawls and fur-lined capes, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore this classic
accessory that will always add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your party dress.
I would always recommend deep colours for furs, such as luxurious plum tones or
midnight blues. This is an especially good way to accessorise an all-black
party outfit, as it adds some dimension to an otherwise fairly flat look.

Layer up
Layering has been a huge trend all
, and it’s not going anywhere this winter as the temperatures drop, and
we instantly reach out for the nearest piece of clothing. However, aside from
layering knitwear, and swapping a typical coat for a fur gilet this winter,
have you thought about layering your jewellery too? Whether it’s different
colours and stones on your arm, or lots of different lengths and metals of
necklaces, this can create a stunning effect for the simplest of outfits.
There’s a huge selection of necklaces and charm bracelets over at the ChloBo website.

 3.     Rose gold
This is proving to be the colour of choice this season, as
every shop is littered with sequins, glitter, heels and clutch bags that all
focus around the soft tones of rose gold. If you’re opting for a tradition LBD
for the office party, using layered rose gold bracelets and necklaces will give
your outfit some colour as well as much needed sparkle. For an every-day look,
you could pair your new charm bracelet with a rose gold watch and blush
coloured clothing. 

4. Go for subtle colours

Some shades will always be useful to have in your winter
wardrobe; camel browns, olive greens and soft beiges are true seasonal
favourites. Plus, they’re very easy to mix and match with bolder, autumnal
colours, such as bright reds and burnt oranges. Try to buy key pieces of
clothing in these colours, so that your outfit will always be tied together.
You could opt for a classic, long camel coat with some chestnut coloured boots,
or opt for a short, forest green fur with charcoal grey knee boots. 

Do you have any more top tips for accessorising? I’d love to
know if you have any ideas of your own for readers, so don’t forget to leave a
comment in the section below…

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