Aloha lovelies and happy weekend! We made it through the first week back to work and that sure deserves a gin in my opinion! Before I settle down for chilled night of spaghetti and carbs in general, I thought I’d show you what I wore today, and a variation on my New Years Day outfit of choice. I got my hands on this pretty sweet shirt in the ASOS sale for £20 and I’m in love with it! I wore it on NYE with some pale wash Mom jeans and heels, but got it back out for another wear today with a slightly more casual slant. I actually bought it to wear for work but I think it’s almost too nice for that! 

Today I styled it with some busted knee black mom jeans that are also from ASOS. These are the Farleigh jeans that I have in a couple of other colours, and I love the fit. They’re half way between a boyfriend and skinny fit, and make the perfect off-duty jeans for days when I want something stylish but comfy at the same time. I also wore my favourite boots of all time, which are from H&M. I’m obsessed with ankle boots, but patent pointed ones are where it’s at, and these with their buckle detailing are the dream. I pulled everything together with a simple black choker with circle detailing (which is probably the most basic af thing in my jewellery collection but I love it).

I adore how this outfit turned out and even in today’s rain I was a happy bunny with no coat prancing around for these photos as I loved it so much. Looks like this are what I tend to gravitate towards a lot lately – a good pair of jeans, a loose fitting blouse and some killer boots, as they’re just so easy to wear and simple to pull together. I actually picked up another of these floaty pyjama style blouses in a slightly different fabric and style with white and grey panels, which I’m sure you’ll see soon enough in an outfit not too dissimilar to this one.

Blouse – ASOS

Jeans – ASOS

Boots – H&M

Choker – Primark

That’s all from me today – I’m off to spend the evening on the sofa and enjoy the weekend!

C x



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