Hands up if you have flat, limp, lifeless hair like me that is so ridiculously fine (not in a good way) with fly-aways x 156734! Well I may have found the solution to all of your hair woes. I’ve been test driving the Luxurious Volume Collection from John Frieda which has now got a shiny new look, and I think it could be love. I’ve been using the 7 day volume shampoo and conditioner for every wash (usually every two days) and the In Shower Treatment once a week, plus spritzing the Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion before drying and my hair has been LOVING it.

The shampoo and conditioner alone are great, and leave my hair feeling much more manageable and bouncy when blow dried, and I’ve also noticed even after straightening or curling, there’s still more volume there than there would be with other products I have used, but when I use the In Shower Treatment that’s when I can really see an improvement! I used this on New Years Eve before doing my usual blow dry and curl routine and the volume of my curls was insane! Usually after a few hours they start to drop and flatten around the crown of my head, but they stayed bouncy and luscious all night long, and even the day after!

Luxurious Volume Shampoo 250ml – £5.99 at Boots

Luxurious Volume Conditioner 250ml – £5.99 at Boots 

In Shower Treatment 100ml – £9.99 at Boots

Root Booster Blow Dry Spray 25ml – £1.99 at Boots

All John Frieda*

The only thing from the collection that I’m not so sure about is the blow dry spray – on a couple of occasions after using this my hair has become a little static, but this seems to only be when I straighten it. If I use this and simply blow dry or even go on to curl my hair, its absolutely fine and adds a nice extra boost of volume, particularly at the roots. I’ve never had this happen before when I use my straighteners, but for some reason this product (which I apply to damp hair before drying and styling) and my GHDs just don’t get on! Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

When I don’t use the straighteners though, it’s brilliant, and I am loving the collection on the whole!

As you can see above, my hair is looking much bigger when it’s straight after using the shampoo and conditioner. Usually after straightening my hair tends to go very flat at the roots and lacks shape, but now I’ve got volume and bounce in abundance!

Have you tried the Luxurious Volume collection?

C x

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