A little over a week ago I was giddily heading to Warrington with the lovely Sarah (The Scarlet State) for a relaxing evening of jacuzzis, facials and food with Boohoo and my goodness was it a lovely little night! When someone offers me the treat that is a spa evening there’s very little that would make me say no, so let’s just say I was there with bells on (not literally)! The event took place at the gorgeous Village Hotel and Spa in Warrington, where were greeted with glasses of fizz and got to have a good chinwag with other fellow fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers from the North West. It was so nice to meet so many like-minded ladies who lived up North! 

Once we’d all got to know each other a little more and plucked up the courage to don our fabulous swimwear from Boohoo (my body was definitely not in bikini mode just yet, so I went for a swimsuit which you can find here, plus this cover up which I sadly didn’t end up wearing because the robes were just so damn cosy!) we headed in to the spa area and relaxed in the pools and jacuzzi whilst chatting away like we’d all known each other for years! It was so nice to unwind after work and have some me-time to indulge and pamper, and sharing the fun with these girls made it even better! 

After the spa session, we dried off and headed back to base where some delicious canapés and a dreamy skincare workshop was all set up and waiting for us. We met one of the ESPA consultants who talked us through a range of luxurious products, then we were let loose to do our own facials. I’ve never actually had a facial before (I know, shocker!) so was especially looking forward to this part of the night as my skin was in desperate need of some TLC. It was so easy to do though, and left my face feeling so refreshed and pampered. I’ve noticed since then I’ve not had to wear as much make up as usual, so that’s a huge improvement in my books! 

We were kindly gifted travel size versions of each of the products we used, which was just so lovely and generous! I’ve been using them at home and have been loving the results so far. I’d highly recommend giving ESPA a try if you haven’t already!  

Photo by Sarah!

After saying our goodbyes and thank you’s I then headed back home on the train with Sarah and Lily (Joli House) – all hail Preston bloggers – and I was so relaxed that I literally crashed out on the sofa when I got through the door!

It was such a nice evening of fun chats, photos, pampering, stress-busting and making new friends and I wish I could be doing it all again this evening! 

Thank you so much to the girls from Boohoo, Village Hotels and ESPA for making it so much fun and for looking after us so well. You spoilt us rotten! Now they’re even spoiling you all too, with some exclusive discount codes to use at Village Hotels and Spas and Boohoo! Take a look at the end of the post for all the deets!  

Swimwear by Boohoo | Skincare Workshop by Village Spa | Pool by Village Gym | Food by Village Hotel

Have you ever visited one of the Village hotels or spas? Did you go for any of the treatments? I’d love to hear your recommendations for facials – I think I’m officially converted now!

If you fancy treating yo’self to a treatment at the Village spa or even some new swimwear from Boohoo, use these exclusive discount codes and grab yourself a bargain! 

For an exclusive 10% discount off treatments or food and drink at Village use voucher BOOHOO10

For 20% off Everything at Boohoo use voucher BOOHOOXVILLAGESPA20 

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