I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent far too much time in bed this weekend. Sometimes its important to listen to your body and do what its telling you to do, and after hitting workouts pretty hard and spending a night dancing away at a Blossoms gig (post coming soon!), mine was definitely telling me to take it easy. I’m one hundred percent ready for a holiday – my last break, which was over Christmas, seems like a lifetime ago, and work and life in general have both been pretty hectic since then, so my body and mind are crying out for a breather, I can tell you!

I did manage to peel myself away from the sofa/bed on a couple of occasions though, and yesterday it was at the sheer joy of going to eat a carvery with Dan. Honestly, between food and sleep, food wins every time, hands down. On our way out we snapped these photos of what has become my off-duty uniform; comfy oversized knitwear teamed with jeans and trainers, with a boyfriend fit coat thrown in for good measure. It’s probably a look you’ve seen me wear a thousand different variations of, but it’s just me.

I’m going to be my usual predictable self here and go through my outfit, telling you that the majority is from ASOS (again,  not spon), but I am a creature of habit (and quite possibly have an ASOS addiction). The knit is actually by Daisy Street and is from the tall section – I know I’m anything but tall at a mere 5’6″ – but I couldn’t find it in regular fit, and usually wear my jumpers oversized anyway. Turns out it’s the perfect length, and being grey with a high neck, it pretty much screamed ‘buy me!’ when I saw it on my daily scroll. I love the stripe detail in the knit, and find it super easy to style for work too, with some black skinnies or under a sleeveless dress.

The coat is one you’ve seen before, and one I probably wear far too much, but its a staple in my wardrobe and just goes with so much. It has huge pockets (essential) and a slouchy fit which again, is great for both smart and casual looks. Add in my favourite step hem jeans, Adidas trainers and a simple black bag, and hey presto – I look marginally like I’ve made an effort!


Jumper – Daisy Street // Coat – ASOS // Jeans – ASOS // Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith // Bag – H&M


After having two epic rest days (and one too many cheat meals) I’m now off to attempt a double work out – pray for me – and rustle up something good and healthy to try and balance out all the chocolate I shouldn’t have eaten over the weekend. Then it’s a night in front of the box for Broadchurch and Girls. Monday night TV is so good right now!! What did you get up to over the weekend? Hopefully yours was more productive than mine!

C x




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